Best method to get rid of Acne One of the biggest complaints among teenagers is that of Acne. Red spots form easily on the face, not responding to common medication. And those who do manage to conquer acne are left with scars bad enough to throw their social life out of order. If you too are affected by acne... Read more
Treating Hair Loss in Men While many people attribute hair loss to a modern life style, it doesn't present the entire picture. The modern lifestyle is indeed stressful, and as such much more likely to result in hair loss, but hair loss has been known for centuries. In fact, if you happen to examine the paintings or even busts of the personali... Read more
Overcome Hair Loss

While it poses no hazard to the health of a person, hair loss can be difficult to cope with. It's a disappointing feeling when your beautiful head of hair—which you had taken for granted—suddenly starts losing hair, until the receding hairline becomes prominent. As a result, your self-esteem takes a dir... Read more

5 Top Myths about Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation presents a proven and affordable solution to all kinds of hair loss problems. However, as the technology is still relatively new, there are some myths prevalent about it. Because of ... Read more

Rising Trend Of Hair Removal In Men through Laser Treatment

Gone are those days where hair removal was considered a feminine activity. We now live in a dynamic world with changing trends. One such change that has entered the present world is that hair removal is now being done by men also.

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