Hair Transplant And It’s Advantages

A hair transplant is a technique of implanting hair follicles to the required areas to get a natural and long-lasting result. The technique is gaining immense popularity lately among the masses, and more and more people with hair thinning issues and cases of advanced level baldness are opting for this procedure.

Hair transplant in Kolkata is done in two different ways: the FUT method and the FUE method.

FUT Transplant

Follicular Unit transplantation is also known as the strip method. A long thin piece of tissue is removed from the donor area( generally the back of the scalp where the hair is comparatively thick). Then follicles are extracted from the strip using stereo microscopic dissection. And at last, it is implanted in the recipient area. This process leaves behind a fine linear scar.

FUE Transplant

Each hair follicle is extracted from the donor area by a microscopic incision in the scalp. These incisions are circular and very minute, leaving almost no scar. The extraction process can be done manually or using a robotic device, and then each hair follicle is then implanted in the receipt area.

Advantages Of Hair Transplant

Both the methods are pretty successful and have different sets of benefits. Here we have jotted down the advantages of each process.

Benefits of the FUT process

The FUT process is quite popular among the masses for the following reasons.

The follicle survival rate is competitively high: The hair follicle in this process is harvested from the zone where the hair is permanent. Each follicle is extracted carefully by keeping the layer of protective tissue unharmed thus, the follicle survival rate increases.

Less Recovery Period: The FUT hair implantation methods require less time to recover than any other method. It generally takes 10 to 12 days to recover fully. However, certain pain and discomfort are normal in this particular process; proper medication and aftercare methods can be controlled.

Beautiful & natural Result: The process involves grafting the donor’s original hair to give a very natural result. A patient can enjoy natural-looking total hair growth within 3-4 months post-procedure.

Although the process leaves behind a linear scar, it is not noticeable. The process is best suited for people experiencing baldness in the crown area of the head. Those looking for better coverage and fullness must go for this process.

Benefits Of the FUE Process

The Process is Less Painful: The Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is a minimally invasive process. It uses several microscopic incisions to extract and implant hair follicles from the minor to the receipt area. Therefore a patient will feel less pain and discomfort during the process. Furthermore, a reputed clinic like us uses certain anti-pain medications and local anesthesia to make the process more comfortable. Generally, patients who underwent the FUE process reported almost no pain or discomfort and no further complications later. This method is right for you if you have a low pain tolerance level.

The Process doesn’t leave any scar:  As stated earlier, the FUE method is done by using multiple circular micro-incision in the scalp. It is done either manually or with the aid of a robotic device. The width and depth of each circular incision are very minute, leaving almost no scar after the procedure. So, people worried about scarring from the FUT process must go for this one.

Very Short Recovery Period: The process doesn’t involve significant cutting or stripping of tissues, so the recovery period is much less than the FUT method. It takes only 4-5 days to recover fully, and with the proper aftercare and post-maintenance rituals, you will quickly get back to your everyday life. Therefore, people looking for a short recovery time should opt for it.

The process takes less time to complete: The FUE hair transplant is one of the most revolutionary methods that storm the beauty and aesthetic industry with its various features. One of such features is that it takes less time to complete the entire process. It generally takes 8 hours to complete the whole method and thus making it the fastest one.

Best natural outcome: As the hair is harvested from the donor area, so there is no chance of mismatch in color, texture, and quality. Furthermore, each follicle is implanted by keeping in mind the original hair pattern, giving the best natural results without any scar or discomfort. You can wear your hair long or short or do any styling as it is entirely natural.


Hair replacement surgery should be done under a medical surgeon who has expertise in both methods. At Dr.Paul, we provide the advanced form of the FUE hair transplant. For more queries regarding Painless Hair transplant in Kolkata contact us.

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