What is PRP Hair Treatment?

One of the most Scientific Treatments for Hair Loss is the Platelet-Rich Plasma also known as the PRP.
PRP is a certain type of substance drawn right from your blood and then it is injected into your scalp that can eventually help to heal bodily tissues, which includes follicles from which the hairs grow out. Our blood is usually made up of two major components, which are called the red blood cells, and the plasma. The plasma part contains white blood cells and also platelets, which are very rich in nutrients which aid in growth factors.

How Does PRP Hair Treatment work?

As with most of the similar procedures, there is a careful process which involves the usage of PRP for Hair Re-Growth, which begins with a small standard blood drawn right from the patient’s arm. PRP is usually extracted from your blood using a technique called the “centrifuge-like mechanism” that can successfully separate the substance from the blood and then increase the concentration of some specific proteins which promote healing. Thus the plasma, which is very rich in platelets, is then slowly injected directly into the patient’s scalp, right at the level of his or her hair follicles.

Advantages of PRP Hair Treatment

Thanks to its numerous clinical advantages, PRP Hair Treatment in Kolkata, India is gradually becoming increasingly popular. The benefits include :

  • This particular therapy uses the patient’s own body cells. Thus, for obvious reasons, there lies no risk of any sort of rejection or any sort of allergic reaction.
  • Just because PRP Hair Treatment does not involve any form of surgery, the patient can experience only a minor amount of discomfort, which is very much similar to undergoing some blood tests at your routine check-ups or doctor visits.
  • The PRP Hair Treatment is known not to require any downtime or any time for recovery. The patient can return to his or her normal activities right away, immediately after the completion of the procedure.
  • This particular point is applicable for many patients. You may start to notice the results right away, just about three months after the procedure is completed, although the complete effects may take about one year to become properly visible.
  • PRP Hair Treatment is getting popular not only for being non-invasive but also as it leaves no visible scars at all. As the technique is done utilizing needles, thus no cuts are made, and hence no scars are left behind.

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