Laser hair removal treatment

Safe Laser Hair Removal in Kolkata

Silky, smooth and flawless skin is almost the dream of every woman. Excess or unwanted hair is one of the biggest hurdle in achieving this beautiful dream. As a result, various hair removal means are being improvised and developed to near perfection.

Dr. Paul’s Clinic has been a leading pioneer of Laser Hair Reduction Treatments in Kolkata. Our advanced hair removal technology are delivered to the highest clinical standards and with cutting-edge of present day hair removal methods offering you the best treatments for hair removal in India.

Permanent Laser Hair Removal in Kolkata

Our Laser treatment services are available for both women and men. Our treatment for removing body hair permanently can be applied even to the most sensitive skin types. Results begins to show within a just few treatments. The technology operates only to damage the targeted hair follicle and not the skin, since it’s mainly attracted to the melanin present in hair. Virtually painless, yet highly effective, Laser Technology for removal of body, facial hair is the gateway for a flawless, smooth and perfect appearance.

Laser hair removal treatment

How Laser Facial Hair Removal Done in Kolkata?

A laser works by emitting high energy wavelength light, which is in the case of hair removal, our expert accurately targets to create heat and then suppress the hair follicles growth. Laser hair removal treatments in kolkata are being carried out by our professional and experienced therapists, all of whom are licensed practitioners. We operate to meet highest clinical standards in order to shape the future of laser treatment making us one of the India’s most and best experienced Laser Hair Removal clinics in kolkata and alos in India offering hair reduction permanently on areas such as upper lip, under arms, face, legs, bikini line, chest and back to name a few.

Many clinics are reluctant to treat darker skin or Asian skin because of their specific technology and skills required as well as for the risk of hyper-pigmentation and burns, however, the experience of our experts combined with latest technology, is not a problem for us.

We only use safe and effective technologies to ensure sound results. Prior to the treatment, we will test your suitability and with our systematic grid approach we can tackle every inch of treatable area.

Laser hair removal treatment

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