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Our easy to use graft calculator helps you work out how much your hair transplant will cost, based on your specific circumstances. Here at Dr. Paul's Advanced Hair & Skin Solutions Clinics, we have developed our hair transplant graft calculator to help those struggling with hair loss identify the areas they want to restore and to better understand the extent of their hair loss.

Utilizing our innovative graft calculator at Dr Paul’s Advanced Hair & Skin Solutions, you can gain personalized insights about your hair loss condition. All you need to do is to provide a few details about yourself and our intelligent tool can forecast your hair loss stage and the potential treatment options that would be best suited for you. The results generated by the calculator can help in determining whether you’re an appropriate candidate for a hair transplant or if an alternative therapy would be more beneficial. Furthermore, it can provide a ballpark estimate of the number of grafts required for a successful transplant. For an in-depth understanding of how much a hair transplant might cost based on your specific requirements, feel free to compare the results with our online resources or connect with our expert team for assistance. The calculator thoroughly evaluates the balding or thinning regions that might require restoration, thereby estimating the total follicular grafts that need to be extracted and re-implanted to achieve your hair restoration goals. Additionally, you have the flexibility to switch to our specialized eyebrow transplant graft calculator. This handy tool can assist you in accurately determining the number of follicular units required to accomplish your desired eyebrow aesthetics.

Hair loss predominantly targets areas like the hairline or the crown of the scalp. With assistance of our intuitive graft calculator, you have the power to identify and select the specific regions where you’d like to enhance the density, boost fullness or reconstruct the contour of your existing hair. This could range from concentrating on hairline reconstruction to augmenting the density and perceived thickness around the ear area. The accompanying images are based on the widely recognized Norwood Scale, a standardized measurement system extensively employed in the hair transplant industry to assess the volume of hair present on the patient’s scalp.

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2. Select the areas where you have hair loss

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3. Move the slider to your desired graft density

Graft density of 35 graft per square CM is recommended, Here is what you selected.

How much does a Hair Transplant Cost?

At Dr Paul’s Advanced Hair & Skin Solutions, our graft calculator serves as an invaluable tool to ascertain your suitability for a hair transplant. Please remember, the results you obtain from our calculator are preliminary estimates. A more accurate prediction would require considerations such as your unique hair traits and head size. The estimated grafts count allows you to gauge potential cost by cross-referencing our pricing structure, which typically based on a cost-per-follicular graft basis. Your hair type plays a vital role in determining the apt treatment approach and could influence the overall cost of the hair transplant. We at Dr Paul’s Advanced Hair & Skin Solutions, are committed to equipping our patients with precise and valuable information regarding their treatment eligibility. Our goal is to ensure you feel confident and well-informed before deciding on any procedure. While our graft calculator serves as an excellent starting point, we believe in-person discussions about your aesthetic goals, treatment eligibility and cost factors are most fruitful during a no-obligation consultation at our clinic. We invite you to schedule an appointment with our highly experienced doctors at our clinics located in 11 states and 21 locations. For additional information or to commence the process of establishing a treatment plan, don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team today.