Anti Aging Treatment in Kolkata

From around the age of 25, there is an annual 1% decrease in collagen production in your body – paving way to aging skin and wrinkles on it. Loss of volume, elasticity, density and fine lines begins to surface even before deep set wrinkles appear. Dr. Paul’s Clinic is specialized in anti-aging treatment in kolkata and anti wrinkle treatment of skin. Our treatment is safe, non-invasive and proven to work wonders. We are able to offer skin deep therapies to face, hands and other parts which will dramatically improve the lines, wrinkles and marks appearance on face.

Anti-Aging Treatment in Kolkata comes in many forms and our anti-aging plans are bespoke to your skin. Saggy Skin, Wrinkles and loss of tone are all inevitable processes of ageing. While some embrace it, others want to reverse it and anti-aging treatment in the present day and age, has never been such an easy process.

What's is the Causes of Aging?

There are several reasons why aging process takes place and one of them being the slow turnover in the production of cell within skin epidermal layers. This means skin dryness and uneven skin tone is most likely to occur. As the skin layer begins to age, over the time it becomes sensitive incredibly to UV light. Consequently, there is a speed drop of the skin’s immunity causing a slower healing period and an increase in minor skin infections.

The most notable signs of ageing are due to number and size of lipid storing cells that are declining in the sub-dermal skin layers leading to deep set sagging and wrinkles of the skin. There are many lifestyle habits also that a persona adopts to delay the ageing process as well, including eating a nutritious diet, drinking plenty of water and implementing a quality skincare routine.

How you are benefited form our Anti Aging Treatment?

  • Reduce Your Wrinkles
  • Tighten Your Skin
  • Reduce Your Sun Damage
  • Improve Your Skin Tone
  • Reduce Any Large Facial Pores You Have

Why Dr. Paul's Anti Aging Treatment is Best in Kolkata?

Our treatment of wrinkles on skin and getting aging is one of the most effective procedure on market for reducing the fine lines and wrinkles appear on the skin. Our non-invasive procedure can enhance skin appearance and achieves a youthful and natural glow. It not only reduces the signs of aging, but also smooths the lines on your forehead and reduces crow’s feet appearance which allows you to look much younger. The anti aging treatment in kolkata adopted by us work to reduce muscles movements in the face in order to prevent further fine lines and wrinkle formation.

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