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Afraid of needles and pain?

No worries, thanks to a new computer-controlled local anesthesia delivery system—a robotic syringe called Dentapen. This cutting-edge device, now in use at Dr. Paul’s, makes injections comfortable by using a microprocessor to control the extremely low speed and pressure of local anesthetic for a completely pain-free injection.

While these new technologies have made the transplant procedure itself comfortable, it also allows for a faster and easier recovery for patients. Because there are no staples or stitches with today’s advanced FUE transplant harvest techniques, there is no tension on the skin, and most patients can resume regular activities immediately and get back in the gym within just a few days following a hair transplant.

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7-8 hours

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3-15 Days

Time to Return to Work

3 Days


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Platelet Rich Fibrin or i-PRF

i-PRF is a unique rejuvenation technique that uses the patient's own blood plasma, enriched with!

* Platelets (a source of healing proteins and growth factors)
+ Fibrin (the wound healing and regeneration matrix)
* Stem cells (the conductors of our body’s own healing and regeneration molecules)

This product is injected, resulting in activation of accelerated healing and regeneration. As a result, the body’s own regenerative properties are concentrated and focused on the area of concern.

i-PRF intensifies the functioning and reproduction of cells, having a gentle, gradual, yet long lasting and accumulative effect.

Who We Are

We are most recommended Hair Fall, Hair Transplant Skin Care Clinic in India

Dr. Paul’s Advanced Hair & Skin Solutions Clinics provides a unique and different approach.
We pride ourselves in providing the highest professional standard of excellence and care. Started in the year of 2007 in Kolkata, Dr. Paul’s have grown its child-branches to other parts of India, and has now 21+ Centers around you offering a wide range of unrivaled aesthetic Hair Care and Skin Care Treatments for both Men and Women. Enveloping you in a friendly and warm environment, our clinic strives to offer you expert and professional service of the highest standard of care.
We combine your aesthetic needs with our latest advanced technology ensuring one to get optimum results every time.

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We Provide Wide Range of Hair Skin Treatments and make Life Better

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Our Approach


We at Dr Paul's understand that every person's hair & scalp is unique and different. Therefore, there is a need for different treatment suited to each individual's needs and concerns.


Getting to the root of the problem helps us to design a 360degree solution that enables our doctors to deliver long lasting results.


Our solutions combine unique technology, medical expertise and effective products and home care system to ensure visible results.


Unique technologies to rejuvenate hair growth naturally & effectively. eg, MESOTHERAPY, PEP, HAIR BEAM therapy etc.


When your hair fall, hair thinning, hair loss, hair ageing, scalp problems or just want to maintain your hair health at Dr Paul's, you would get a customized solution especially designed for you by our doctor.


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About Dr. Paul’s HomeoZone

Dr Paul’s Homeozone, the Fusion Homeopathy Clinic established in 2007, has been successfully treating the patients of distinct health care requirements. The doctors of our clinic do work hard throughout the year to provide a long-lasting remedial satisfaction to the patients.It is quite evident from the name ‘Homeozone’ that the treatment center is actually specializes in offering outstanding homeopathic medication and service to the patients depending on the requirements.

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About Dr. Paul’s Institute of Beauty & Cosmetology

Dr. Pauls’s a name synonymous with the beauty/cosmetic industry worldwide, started his first clinic way back in 2007, and since then, there has been no looking back. After having a long list of clinical establishments in several cities in India, Dr. Paul felt the need for quite a many well-trained professionals in the booming sector of cosmetology.

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We at Dr. Paul's render you the best Solution for Hair & Skin Problem so that our customers turns to Dr. Paul's for one single word: Trust

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    Dr. Paul's Advanced Hair & Skin Solutions Clinics provides a unique and different approach.

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