What We Do

  • Hair DNA Testing

    Take a look into future Hair Loss possibility with our DNA-Based hair analysis to determine & treat in advance.

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  • Hair Fast

    Stop hair loss & flaunt a head full of hair with world’s first Cyclical Vitamin Therapy Programme to trigger natural hair-growth.

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  • Hair Transplant

    Grow back hair with revolutionary solution to hair loss with our HGA-FUE Hair Transplant stimulating natural hair growth & full-volume density.

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  • Meso Therapy

    Boost & encourage healthier hair growths to get back thicker & stronger hair with our effective & proven hair loss solution.

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  • Skin Rejuvenation

    Dr. Paul's Advanced Hair & Skin Solution brings you India’s first pioneered & advanced technology, Venus Versa & Venus Viva to achieve a glowing healthy looking skin.

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  • Stretch Mark Removal

    Get rid of those ugly-looking marks by achieving a flawless & smooth skin with our advanced Stretch Mark Removal Treatment.

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  • Tatoo Removal

    Getting rid of unwanted tattoos from any part of the body is now possible with our advanced form of Laser Tattoo Removal.

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Who We Are

hair transplant treatment

Since the very inception, Dr. Paul’s is a client-oriented brand that dedicates their expertise and care to satisfy the clientele.

Our scientific approach to treat all your hair and skin related concerns exceed all our competitors in terms of bringing forth aesthetic success.

Bringing back smiles to the patients drives our potency and confidence.

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What makes us the best in the industry

  • 6370+ Successful Hair Transplant
  • 12 years Of Experience
  • Millions Satisfied Clients
  • 16 Clinics Pan India
  • FDA Approved Procedures
  • Best Clinic In Eastern India - Recognized By TOI

Success Stories

  • After a lot of thinking, I decided to do something about my hair loss. I opted for Mesotherapy and I can’t even tell you all how happy I am! ...

    - Sagar Upadhaya
    Age - 31

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  • Just after my 9 th session, I have started seeing my hair. I almost have given up my hopes. Never did I imagined that I will see my hair back. Than...

    - Mrs. Ena Dixit
    Age - 43

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  • I suffered from extensive hair loss and was being told that hair transplant would not be possible. But thanks to Dr. Paul’s miraculous Hair R...

    - Navin Singha
    Age - 49

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  • If you are suffering from hair loss and no possible chances of getting hair transplant, trust me, go for Hair Replacement Treatment from Dr. Paul&r...

    - Tarun Gupta
    Age - 56

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  • After researching PRP for hair loss on and off for 1.5 years, I decided it was time for me to give it a try. My experience with Dr. Paul’s wa...

    - Bhavin Chandra
    Age - 34

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  • I heard about Dr. Paul's practice through co-worker. I wanted to evaluate my hair loss before trying something more aggressive like a hair tran...

    - Tiya Sinha
    Age - 27

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  • I always have a surgery phobia. The fear of doing a surgery on head scarred me off doing anything about my baldness. My hope rekindled when one of ...

    - Akash Munshi
    Age - 29

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  • I recently had a scalp micropigmentation procedure done. It’s been a couple of months since my procedure and they still checks up to see how ...

    - Ujjwal Nag
    Age - 41

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  • I must say the friendly and professional experts have done an amazing job with my acne & scars. Everyone is noticing the changes mentionabl...

    - Saswati Mahanta
    Age - 21

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  • This is not the first time that I have visited Dr. Paul’s Clinic. I continue to come here for retouch sessions as per needed. The surgeons ju...

    - Sarbhik Basu
    Age - 24

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  • I never liked my early signs of wrinkles appearing on my face. Before hitting in 50’s, I decided to get them treated. I am glad that I made t...

    - Swati Ganguly
    Age - 48

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  • I have heavy fine lines around my eyes making me look much older than I am. My daughter in law suggested me to get them treated at Dr. Paul’s...

    - Ela Nandi
    Age - 56

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  • I had this big large size mole on my left side of face, just under my eye bags. From childhood I wanted it to get it removed, and finally I’v...

    - Prabhat Kr Mitra
    Age - 35

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  • Got my freckles removed finally after a long wait. Thanks to Dr. Paul’s latest technology. The staff and my technician was very supportive. I...

    - Saswati Roy
    Age - 55

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  • After years of struggling with Melasma, I was desperate to try anything that would improve the discoloration of my skin. Earlier, I had tried endle...

    - Rekha Talukdar
    Age - 53

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  • After a couple of chemical peels for my face, It improved the sun damage spots along with hyper-pigmentation. It even helped reduce some of the wri...

    - Puspanjali Majnjhi
    Age - 37

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  • I got advanced Alopecia treatment for my Alopecia Areata condition. After a few sessions of treatment, I found visibly noticeable results. I am def...

    - Punam Santhalia
    Age - 33

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  • I was suffering from traction alopecia, but after multiple treatment sessions I’m getting back my long tresses. I am grateful to Dr. Paul&rsq...

    - Anandi Sanyal
    Age - 31

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