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Best Hair Transplant Clinic & Skin Treatment Clinic: Welcome To Dr. Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic, one of the recommended hair fall and skin treatment clinic in India. We have our location in Kolkata (WB), Durgapur, Assam, Jharkhand, Noida along with 17+ center around you. We pride ourselves in providing a unique and different approach with highest professional standard of excellence and care. From all our centers we offer a wide range of aesthetic hair care and skin care solutions for both men and women. Enveloping you in a friendly and warm environment, our clinics strive to offer you expert and professional service of the highest standard. We combine your aesthetic needs with our latest and advanced technology ensuring one to get optimum results every time.

The pride of our work can be seen in our clinics. The best treatment, affordability, good advice and the affordable pricing are the few aspects which make us preferred to be visited by people coming from distant places to our clinics situated across India.


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About Our Hair Transplant Clinic.(For Hair Loss & Skin Care Treatment)

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Safety is the hallmark of our dedicated solution. All our treatment methods are in compliance with the FDA, ISO 9001 and ISO 1400 guidelines.
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We are committed to providing you with best and full satisfaction. You just have to follow our doctor’s guidelines to attain the desired outcome.
12+ years of experience


With 12+ years of experience we provide the ideal solutions. Our doctors adopt unique approach in every case to ensure long-lasting recovery.
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We have successfully served patients about 1, 00,000. Our client retention rate is about 89% with positive testimonials from our happy patients.

Why Choose Dr. Paul's​ Clinic

Most recommended Hair Fall, Hair Transplant Clinic,& Skin Care Clinic in India

As a Hair Transplant Clinic along with Skin Treatment Clinic, we understand the concern of your issues regarding hair fall problems and skin diseases. Hair and Skin are the backbone of your look and everyone like you wants that backbone to be in perfect condition. Dr. Paul’s have reserved the huge results of successfully hair fall treatment ans skin treatment of patients who have confronted such issues. We believe in providing the best of our efficiency to treat the problems permanently and help you get back your Natural look & confidence. The best part of our treatment procedure is that we do provide online treatment facilities too. As a result, even if you are unable to visit our clinics you can take consultation online sitting at your home and the medicines prescribed by the doctors will be delivered to your home.

Patient Comments

See below what our patients say about our Hair Loss Treatment and skin care treatment services and what are their experiences with us

  • Got my freckles removed finally after a long wait. Thank to Dr. Paul’s latest technology. The staff and technicians are very supportive.

    Shaswati roy
    Shaswati Roy
  • I was suffering from significant hair thinning problem. From Dr. Paul’s advanced FUE Hair Transplantation Technique i got satisfactory result in 7 months duration.

    suvendu adhikari - hair transplant
    Suvendu Adhikari
  • I was quite worried about the result of hyperpigmented spot formation on the face and neck. Thanks to Dr. Paul’s and his advanced methods.

    Prabhat Kumar Mitra - success story
    Prabhat Kumar Mitra

Dr. Paul's More Verticles

Dr. Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic has Two more Verticales. We provide  Homeopathy Treatment for Most of all disease under Brand name HOMEOZONE.

& We provide World Class Training on Cosmetology and Trichology under Brand name Dr. Paul’s Institute.

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