How Long Do Anti- Aging Treatment Last?

Age is not constant; people age with time. As you start aging, your skin loses volume and looks loose and dull. Wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, etc., appear on our skin,making it look dull & lifeless. You start to lose your confidence. You miss your bright, charming and beautiful face which affects your overall appearance.


No one can control the natural aging process. But you can take a few steps to reverse its effect. Moreover, you can again have a smoother appearance with the best skin treatment in Kolkata. A new, tighter and youthful face will likewise make you feel beautiful. 


With time, the expansion & contraction of underlying muscles in our face helps the skin cells stop producing enough collagen. The collagen in the skin loses its elasticity, which leads to the formation of wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Women face hormonal changes when they reach 40 years of age. Other environmental factors also help the collagen in the skin break down, leading to wrinkles. 

What Is Anti-Aging Treatment?


The anti-ageing treatment involves a non-invasive procedure which aids to prevent fine lines from reappearing on your face. The facial muscles are responsible for causing wrinkles. The targeted muscles begin to feel relaxed, thus reducing the fine lines & wrinkles. You can get back the glowing and natural-looking skin once again.


To undergo the best skin treatment in Kolkata, you must visit Dr Paul Clinic, where brilliant surgeons carry out the best skin and aging treatments. Anti-ageing procedures are among the most effective treatments nowadays that can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles in your skin. 


The non-invasive procedures that they follow can help to enhance your skin’s appearance. You can achieve a natural glowing look. It will boost your confidence and reduce the signs of aging. The improved treatment will help to smooth the fine lines on your forehead. Furthermore, the therapies that they provide at skin clinics will help you to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, making you feel younger again. They provide the best skin treatment in Kolkata, which also aids in reducing the other signs of your skin problems. 

How Does It Work?


The injection is injected into the targeted muscles. The muscles take some time to relax, and this helps to prevent the formation of new wrinkles. Our face looks fresh and radiant again. The existing lines & wrinkles vanish. The treatment allows the muscles to function normally.

How Long Do Anti-aging Treatments Last?


Your muscles start to react about an hour after your treatment. However, the treatment lasts for about 4 to 6 months. This means that the effects begin to wear off after some months. But it all depends on the muscle size, the treatment involved, the number of sittings you’ve had with your dermatologist, and the time interval between the specialized therapies.


If you want to enjoy the effects of anti-ageing treatments for a more extended period, you should follow a skincare routine and practice tracking healthy habits.  You should not step in the sun without sunscreen and try to avoid alcohol. 


There is no guaranteed best anti-ageing treatment. Each individual has unique skin, and the anti-ageing treatment can be different according to the skin types. An amazing anti-aging treatment depends on several factors, like the type of skin you have, your age, and your skin condition. A qualified dermatologist can help you with the treatment procedure. 

To Sum Up


Pollution, hormonal imbalance, exposure to UV rays, and stress are common factors of dull and lifeless skin with fine lines. Anti-ageing can be avoided for a long time with some changes in your lifestyle. Expert dermatologists can help them disappear with the help of specially designed anti-aging treatments, which you can avail at the best professional clinics.


Dr. Paul’s Clinic specializes in all kinds of hair & skin treatment in Kolkata. The treatment that they practice is safe and non-invasive. Their motto is to make you feel good and to have their customers leave with a fantastic experience. Skin-deep therapies, Acne treatment, and Skin pigmentation treatment will dramatically improve your facial appearance. Saggy Skin, loss of elasticity, and fine lines are all inevitable natural processes that show up on your face as soon as you mature. To reverse these effects, you can proceed with the best skin treatment in Kolkata at Dr Pauls. 

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