How Much Hair Is Good Enough For You

Consultation with a hair loss specialist is the first stage in determining the precise quantity of hair you, as an individual, will require for a hair transplant with the proper density and 100% natural results. Your doctor will examine the health of your scalp and hair during your appointment. Fewer grafts could be necessary for those with thicker hair to get the desired effect. Next, They will consider your medical history, measure the amount of your hair loss, and come up with an accurate diagnosis for your hair loss. Finally, they will use the Norwood Scale to categorize the severity of hair loss (see the graphic below).

Before designing a natural hairline or crown, the doctor will consider a few things:

  • Thinning volume
  • Age of the patient
  • The medication the patient is taking
  • Donor hair quality
  • Additional genetic hair thinning
  • The density needed to create a realistic appearance
  • a patient’s anticipations

Using all this data, they will calculate the hairs required to get the desired outcome. However, this amount will vary depending on which clinic you attend. WHY? Because there are large variations in survival rates between clinics, those with poor survival rates will need more grafts to make up for it. Would you want to spend money on 5000+ grafts if only 50% of them were successful?

What Is the Perfect Volume of Hair That Can Make You Look Good?

None of us can deny that when it comes to our hair, there are a lot of different specifications, and each of us has a different style to follow. However, at the same time, the volume of hair is also quite diversified from one individual to the other. The best thing about this is that you do not need a head full of hair to look good, and different volume specifications can make you look good. If you have lost a lot of hair due to health or other related issues, you can also choose to get a hair transplant.

A process like a hair transplant does cost a little investment, and consequently, it might not be possible for many people to afford a head full of hair. Hence today, we will be talking about exactly what volume of hair you need, can make you look good. This knowledge is very important to ensure that the hair transplant process goes smoothly and that you can afford the same.

Hair Volume Specifications:

Many people might ask why you need to know which hair volume is perfect for you. The most important reason why knowing the answer to the question is crucial is because it will aid you in the hair transplant process. When you first go for hair transplantation, you will see that they go for a complete evaluation by considering different aspects of your hair and then deciding the perfect volume of hair for you. Then, they will determine your transplantation process and requirements based on this particular hair volume.

The need of your hair volume can usually be assessed into six different scales, and based on your specifications, the number of grafts needed for you will be decided. Thankfully, this particular option tends to depend upon the client as well, so you will be able to analyze and determine what volume scale you want to go forth with. Not only that, when it comes to hair, every individual has a very different kind of specification. However, the six different scales which the doctor considers to determine the volume of hair are as follows:

  • Scale 1
  • Scale 2
  • Scale 3
  • Scale 4
  • Scale 5
  • Scale 6

The hair volume tends to rise in an ascending pattern where scale 1 indicates the minimum hair volume. Hence, as you move higher above, the hair volume tends to grow thicker, and for scale six, it is the highest. At the same time, it is very important to mention that most individuals will not need to go to scale 6 of hair transplantation to look good. However, because this particular scale indicates a higher hair volume, it will also cost you more.

We can be convinced that if it is the aesthetics you are concerned about, you can easily go up to scale 3 or 4, and this should be enough for you regarding the volume of hair. Not only that, this particular scale till 4 is quite sustainable, and you will not be required to do a lot of maintenance for the same as well. Even for many serious cases where loss has been a prominent issue, individuals have chosen scale five of hair transplantation, and very few decide to go to scale 6.

Where Can You Get Assistance For Hair Volume?

If you are looking for potential options for hair transplantation and increasing the volume of your hair, then the best possible choice you can come across is none other than Dr. Paul’s Online. We have been in the sector for the past few years, and we have been able to build a lot of credentials and help thousands of customers achieve their desired volume of hair.


We strongly believe that to look good, you do not need a headful of hair, and the right volume is also quite transient, depending on the client. So, over the years, we have tried to ensure that we can get you the perfect book of hair best suited for you, and that too in an affordable price range. If you are interested in the hair transplantation process and want to know which hair volume is perfect for you, feel free to book an appointment, and we will help you!

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