A Patient’s Guide To Finding the Best Hair Transplant Clinic In Kolkata

Are you losing out on hair and wondering how you can get the best assistance so that your hair looks decent again? This is where you need to consider hiring a professional for a hair transplant. 

Finding the best hair transplant clinic in Kolkata can be a tedious task if you do not have an insight into the guidelines. Today we are going to talk about the best factor to consider as a patient which will help you to safeguard your choice.

The Most Important Factors To Consider For Hair Transplant In Kolkata

Finding the right hair transplant clinic in Kolkata depends completely on how much you can streamline your search. Some simple things you can consider to find the “best” option are:

  • Understand The Extent of Hair Loss

In the preliminary step, you will need to understand what is the kind of hair loss you have and what could be the probable cause. There are usually quite common reasons including genetics, stress, and medical conditions. The male pattern baldness which is also known as androgenic alopecia is a common cause too. 

You can first consult a dermatologist to understand the reason. Once done, you can then get in touch with a professional hair transplantation solution that can help you through the process. 

  • Qualification of the Surgeon

Hair transplantation is a proper medical process and hence both experience as well as expertise are extremely important. The first thing that you will need to do is look out for a board of certified surgeons who have a record of successful hair transplantation surgeries. 

The best thing that you can do is ask the clinic itself about the qualifications of the surgeon and whether they follow all the protocols. The best hair transplant clinic in Kolkata will always maintain transparency that can help you to understand. 

  • Clinic Feedback 

In the next step, you will also need to figure out what the clinic’s Feedback is. This essentially refers to understanding what patients have to say about the service and if they were satisfied at all. Knowing the reputation of the hair transplant clinic will help you choose the best one for your hair treatment.

You can also check the website for before and after photos of clients to understand exactly what kind of services they provide. Always try to settle for those options that look artistic and can make the hair transplantation look natural. 

  • Techniques Used

Hair transplantation is not a homogeneous process, meaning that there is more than one way to achieve the desired results. The two types of hair transplantation techniques include follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction. These are advanced hair transplant procedures that help patients get the desired outcome.

While the first one includes removing a strip of the scalp with healthy follicles, in the next one you will need to find a donor area. You will also need to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each of the techniques so that you know which one fits you the best. 

  • Cost of the Hair transplant Procedure 

And finally, finding the top hair transplant clinic in Kolkata completely depends on how affordable it is and the associated costs. Hair transplant costs vary depending on the technique used, the number of grafts needed, and the clinic’s reputation. Ensure the clinic provides a detailed breakdown of charges and avoids hidden fees. Also, make it a point to understand if there are any post-operative costs that you will need to pay for. 

To Wrap Up

If you are looking for that one particular hair transplant clinic in Kolkata which ticks all the boxes and helps you get the best experience, then Dr. Paul’s Advanced Hair and Skin Solution is the one. Our expert surgeons can carry out the hair transplantation procedure with utmost accuracy and help patients achieve the desired results. 

Hair transplantation is an investment in yourself and hence finding the right one is extremely important. Contact us today to book an appointment with our experts. We will check your specific hair loss conditions and suggest you the best treatment plan. 

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