Top 7 Hair Transplant Myths and Facts

Experiencing hair loss is a common issue that almost everyone faces. And other hair-related issues are continually on the rise among people of all ages. People search for a permanent remedy when their hair loss problem gets out of control. If you are facing severe hair fall or baldness, you can go for a hair transplant procedure for a permanent hair solution. 

Hair transplant procedures offer a high success rate; however, only a few people choose to undergo hair transplant treatment. The reason may be that there are many myths surrounding the hair transplant process. It is why most patients fall for this deceptive hair transplant treatment information and do not choose to undergo the procedure.

Therefore, people need the right information about the hair transplant procedure to be able to embrace the method and get a head full of  hair. Let us discuss the truth behind some popular hair transplant myths and why you should ignore them and go for a hair transplant procedure if you are experiencing severe hair fall or baldness. 

How fast Hair Transplant procedure gives Results?

Hair transplant procedures offer a good success rate. However, let us tell you that no medical procedure can guarantee immediate results. And you must set a realistic goal for your hair transplant treatment. After you go through a hair transplant procedure done, it takes between 4 to 7 months to show consistent hair growth. For some people, it takes about 9 to 11 months for complete hair regrowth. 

It is not uncommon for patients to experience hair loss while going through the shock of falling asleep. After all, it takes time for the well-anchored root to form, which produces results that look natural and perfectly match your natural hair.

Is Hair Transplant a Painful process?

Usually Patients may feel little pain or discomfort during hair transplant surgeries. But in Dr. Paul’s clinic we offer painless state-of-the-art hair transplant services through a computer controlled local anesthesia delivery system – a robotic syringe called Dentapen. This cutting edge device makes injection painless and comfortable by using a microprocessor to control the extremely low speed and pressure delivery of local anesthesia for a completely pain free injection. 

These  new technologies have made the transplant procedure itself comfortable and also allows for a faster and easier recovery for patients. 

Is The Hair Transplant Procedure Only Suitable for Men?

A hair transplant procedure is great for both men and women. Why do only men have access to hair transplants if both men and women experience hair problems? Most individuals incorrectly link hair restoration techniques and baldness to just male pattern baldness. 

Both male and female balding patterns can benefit from the Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) procedure for hair transplant. So, it is equally a great procedure for women. For example, a hair transplant procedure can be used to treat Norwood scale male pattern baldness or Ludwig scale female pattern baldness and produce results that look natural.

Is A Hair Transplant Procedure Too Costly?

A hair transplant procedure is quite affordable. Most people deal with the fallacy that it is a costly process and that they can’t afford it. Though hair transplant surgeries are expensive because of the DHI technology, at Dr. Paul’s clinic, we offer you flexible payment options including EMI facilities for all our services so that you can afford to get hair transplant treatment done easily. 

However, before having a hair transplant, you must first undergo consultation or diagnosis for the precise amount of hair needed, which will yield an estimate of the procedure’s cost.

Does Hair Transplant Procedure Offer A Permanent Solution?

Usually, the freshly transplanted hair starts to fall off after some time. It is a step in the process and doesn’t suggest that the outcomes will just be temporary. The primary benefit of a hair transplant is that it produces permanent and natural-looking results. However, the first few months following the treatment might be challenging. After 5–6 weeks, the new hair emerges from the grafts. The effects will persist for a very long time once you have passed that point.

Is The Hair Transplant Procedure Only For Young People?

The most prevalent myth is that a hair transplant procedure is only for young individuals. However, regardless of gender, the best age range for receiving this treatment is between 25 and 65. The reason is that it might be challenging to identify hair loss patterns in individuals in their early 20s. They might choose a preparatory procedure, nevertheless, to increase the density of their hair.

Are Hair Transplant Results Not Natural?

Having natural-looking hair is the goal of hair transplant surgery. If you choose the best service provider, like Dr. Paul’s Clinic, you do not need to worry about the results. We use the most advanced technology, and skilled surgeons carry out the entire procedure rather than the nurse or technicians. You don’t need to be concerned about the appearance of your hair. They take care of the whole procedure. You can style your hair as you wish after the treatment is finished. 


A painless hair transplant procedure is the best option for both men and women who are experiencing hair thinning and baldness  issues and searching for a long-term and permanent cure. Our team of surgeons at Dr. Paul’s uses tried-and-tested hair transplant techniques to offer you the most suitable solution. 

Our most advanced painless hair transplant processes and techniques offer you the finest outcomes and give you a sustainable result. We at Dr. Paul’s clinic only suggest the appropriate action following a thorough diagnosis and computerized alopecia test. We suggest you book an appointment with us immediately so that our hair transplant experts can check the condition of your hair and offer you an appropriate solution. 

We ensure to offer you the best and painless hair transplant solution, and that too, at an affordable rate so that you can flaunt great hair in the days to come.

Get in touch with us today to know more about our hair transplant solutions.

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