5 Common Skin Conditions Indian Women Face in Their 30s

The 30s is an interesting age bracket for both men and women. By the time people enter the third decade of life, they have the required stability, maturity and experience to live life on their own terms. With increased responsibilities and stressful lifestyle choices, our skin undergoes many changes.

Experts at Dr. Paul’s Advanced Hair & Skin Solutions Clinics, which is indisputably the best skin care clinic in Kolkata always try to sensitize people about common skin conditions seen in Indian women as they approach the 30s.  Dr. Paul’s offers the best aesthetic hair care and skin care treatments for people backed by technology.

Based on our experience in treating different kinds of skin conditions in women, here’s an overview on the five most common skin conditions seen in Indian women as they approach their 30s.

1. Melasma:

This is a common skin condition that is characterized by blotchy freckle like spots on the facial skin. This skin condition is especially prominent in women with whiteish to dark skin tones and appears in areas like the forehead, chin and cheeks. In some women, these patches can also be seen in the arms and necks. While Sun exposure, hormonal changes and intake of certain medications are considered the root cause of melasma, many dermatologists also opine that this condition is triggered during pregnancy or when women start taking birth control pills.

In order to prevent this condition, women must take good care of their skin and be very particular about using a sunscreen before stepping out. Dr. Paul’s offers combination of internal medicines and external treatments like chemical peels and laser therapy for neutralizing the bad effects of multiple causes of Melasma to deal with such conditions which women can always avail to get that glowing and flawless skin.

2. Acne:

Although most people assume that only adolescents get acne, the reality is that people of all age groups can get acne. In fact, since acne is primarily caused by hormonal imbalance, women in their 30s are more prone to it because of factors like irregular menstrual cycle, pregnancy as well as work stress and lifestyle choices. Apart from the application of topical creams and oral medication is also recommended for treating acne. Women must try never to pick or squeeze the pimples as they lead to ugly scars. Thanks to Dr Paul’s specialist formulation that has specific anti-acne medicines to repairs & replenishes skin from within. The medicines also reverse negative hormonal effects. Additionally, the use of modern technology along with medicines, these scars can now be eliminated with the help of laser acne and scar treatment which is carried out by the best skin care clinic in Kolkata.

3. Rosacea:

This is an inflammatory skin condition that affects the butterfly area of the face and is characterized by redness, small pimples as well as flushing. Although this skin condition, which is also (*1) referred to as “Curse of the Celts” was most commonly reported in people of Irish descent, it can now be seen in people of all ethnicities. In India too, this condition is being increasingly reported and dermatologists opine that most of the cases are steroid-induced. Exposure to UV rays, defective barrier function of the skin as well as neurological dysfunctions have also been postulated to lead to this condition.

In order to treat extreme flare ups, dermatologists may even use laser treatment therapies.

4. Eczema:

This is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that is characterized by itchy and inflamed patches of the skin which also appear dry and flaky. As the skin’s barrier function weakens due to various triggers which can be external or internal, its ability to retain moisture and safeguard the body from the elements weakens. This leads to skin rash, leathery patches, swelling as well as itchy bumps. This condition can even flare up on exposure to certain triggers as well as psychological trauma. The primary treatment of this skin condition is managing the inflammation and skin hydration which is usually achieved with the help of emollients and other topical lotions.

5. Appearance of fine lines and wrinkles:

As women approach the 30s, if the facial skin is not well taken care of, fine lines and wrinkles can always start appearing. Hormonal imbalance, exposure to the harsh UV rays, pollution and emotional stress are the obvious causes of early appearance of these signs of aging. While these lines and wrinkles can always be avoided for quite long with positive lifestyle changes, expert dermatologists can always make them disappear with the help of specially designed anti-aging treatments.

Therefore, as women approach their thirty’s they should be proactive in seeking expert help to ensure that their skin and hair is healthy and is never a detractor to their confidence level.

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