Uneven complexion and skin tones are known to be a common problem faced by a lot many people today, especially women. While diets, injuries, excessive exposure to sunlight and sun burn, bad habits such as smoking skin related ailments, etc. are known to be few of the common reasons,... Read more


Tattoos are known to have a lot of emotions attached to them and most people must have put in a lot of thought in getting them done. However, there are some that can prove to be mistakes or downright embarrassments after a point in time. What seemed cool and hip at 18 or 20 may seem ut... Read more


Most medical experts and doctors relate acne, especially adult acne, to hormonal imbalances and other related reasons. This article will attempt to understand the causes and remedies for adult acne and how it can be possibly prevented too.

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Sunscreen Lotion Advantages

Sunscreen lotions have been the need of the hour for many decades now. Not only have people realized their importance but also understood the many advantages of the same.

People today have started ditching chemical based sunscreens for natural, orga... Read more

5 Food items that will help prevent Hair Loss

A healthy mind and head only belong to a healthy body. And for a healthy body you need proper rest, exercise and of course good food too!

Here are 5 amazing food items that will help you keep the hair on your head healthy:

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6 Tricks to stop and control hair loss

Hair loss is known to be an embarrassing problem not only for women but even men, especially if they are in their twenties to thirties.

Here are the 6 tips that help you control Hair Loss!

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5 types Of Alopecia Areata

5 types of alopecia areata It is an erratic form of hair loss that affects about 2-4% of the total human population but people affected by it are known to feel quite embarrassed about it. While researchers and medical experts and constantly working towards possible solutions and there have been major breakthroughs in research too, there is st... Read more
Physiological causes of Hair Los

Before we get to the details of hair loss, let us first understand the basics. Firstly, normal ageing and growth is NOT a cause for hair loss in men or even women. During the course of our daily lives, we tend to lose hundreds of strands of hair simply due to brushing and also ageing. Now this... Read more

Top 10 Diet tips to prevent hair loss!

While there are many complex as well as hereditary causes of Hair loss , the treatments and preventive measures for this problem are known to be quite simple and easy to put into practice. Moreover, if do... Read more

Stop Hair Loss with Dr.Paul's Multispeciality clinic

Hair loss has been a problem for people since many centuries now. And it has been known to affect both women as well as men. While there are many different reasons for the same, the main culprit here is our present day lifestyles and eating habits. It is at the... Read more