Some people say that wine is always trendy, while others just stay away from it. Excessive drinking of alcohol is definitely injurious to health, but if you drink red wine in moderate quantity, then you’re actually making your skin and hair healthy. I’ve assembled some amazing uses of red wine in this blog. Just c... Read more

The three formulas to stay young and healthy forever is healthy lifestyle, proper eating habits and an active life. Healthy skin and hair is strongly associated with the nutritional intake that we t... Read more

Glowing and radiant skin looks impeccable and allows anyone to be at the center of attraction both in everyday life as well as in extravagant events. Everybody in this world is not endowed with a bright and perfect skin.  Similarly there are also people who due to constant exposure to the sun tend to develop tan o... Read more

Aging is that harsh inevitable truth which we all have to face one day. Some people get panicked when they realized that they’re growing old. They immediately rush to their nearby stores to buy the anti-aging creams or google to get some amazing anti-aging tips. But, they do not know that these anti-aging creams a... Read more

Losing the crowning glory is demoralizing for both men and women. While it’s true that hair loss affects mostly the men, women are also becoming its victims due to various reasons. These reasons can be either simple- a protein deficiency, or complex like the side-effects of certain medications. Luckily, there are ... Read more

Various infectious agents and infections can cause your hairs to fall out rapidly. Read on to know what some of these infections do to your hair.

  • Scalp Ringworm
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‘Life is too short to have boring hair.’ You can make it interesting by trying out many different colors. You do not have to go to the salon every time to color your hair. Just a little bit attention and skill will do all the things. You have to be careful while coloring and should follow some dos and don’ts to ke... Read more

Daily workouts and healthy diets even sometimes fail to make you slim. This is the harsh truth which many of us face. Fortunately, you can sort it out. Here are seven things which you should avoid to stay in shape. Go through it.

Embracing the inevitable is not always possible especially when you’ve spotted silver hair in your early teen period. Today, I am going to tell you some of the reasons why your hair starts to grey at a premature age. Check it out.

Nowadays you can see that many clinics are advertising about Mesotherapy treatment. But the question remains- Is it really effective? Can it fight hair loss?

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