Worried about wrinkles, sagging & dullness?

What are the causes of wrinkles & sagging skin?

As we get older, our skin naturally becomes less elastic and more fragile. Decreased production of natural oils dries your skin and makes it appear mo... Read more

Get your crowning glory back The Cyclical Vitamin Therapy Programme by Dr Paul’s not only arrests hair fall and promotes hair growth, it also benefits overall wellness. The unique approach of this Hairfast therapy strengthens hair roots and achieves new hair growth. The therapy uses low dose vitamins by spreading it over three days. The pro... Read more

Worried about Anti Aging!

What are the anti-aging treatments available with you?

Sir/ Madam Aging skin droops, develops wrinkles, lines and furrows. The severity of these problems in an individual depends not only on the age of the pers... Read more

Worried about acne scars

Do you provide treatment for Acne Scar?

Of course we do have the best treatment procedures and equipment's to treat Acne Scars .

How much is the cost?

Sir/ Madam Acne... Read more
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Do you provide Treatment for Acne?

Of course we do have the best acne treatment procedures which range from oral medications, medicated chemical peeling and of course the use of modern equipment's and technology.

How much Acne Treatment cost?

Sir / Madam Acne can be further ... Read more

Get a clear picture before stepping into our Clinic.

What are costs of your treatment?

Sir from here we are not in a position to quote you about the cost of treatment as we happened to have four hair treatment procedures.

1. Preventive Clinical Treatment for prevention of Baldness 2. Medical Treatment for active H... Read more

Hair Fast

Cyclical Vitamin Therapy Programme

Causes for hair loss as listed below are vague, not identifiable and not quantifiable. Our unique approach strengthens the hair roots and achieves new hair growth by promotion and acceleration of natural hair growth instead of fight... Read more

Is Breast Augmentation for You?

The days are long gone when people had to live with their body the way it was. Today medical science has advanced sufficiently so as to be able to give every person the shape and form he or she desires. And when it comes to the discussion of proportion and form, the breasts are ver... Read more

Best method to get rid of Acne One of the biggest complaints among teenagers is that of Acne. Red spots form easily on the face, not responding to common medication. And those who do manage to conquer acne are left with scars bad enough to throw their social life out of order. If you too are affected by acne... Read more
Treating Hair Loss in Men While many people attribute hair loss to a modern life style, it doesn't present the entire picture. The modern lifestyle is indeed stressful, and as such much more likely to result in hair loss, but hair loss has been known for centuries. In fact, if you happen to examine the paintings or even busts of the personali... Read more