Most probably about 8 years ago, when I was 25, I noticed that my hairline started receding and I am losing my crowning glory too. As the hair loss was not rapid, I didn’t pay much attention to it. But, just after 1 year, I noticed that I was having more scalp and less hair. What generally didn’t bother me was now... Read more

Despite the involvement of the latest techniques, there are a lot of horror stories about bad hair transplant. Unfortunately, there are not enough regulations in the clinics. As such, the employees do not stick to the basic principles of medical care. Their negligence towards their duties leaves the patients vulne... Read more

Who told that beauty is only associated with women? At least, not in today’s fashion conscious world. I, like many of my other friends, wanted to have the glowing skin like that of Ashton Kutcher. My skin was not very bad from the beginning. In fact, I felt proud whenever I saw myself at the mirror. Making friends... Read more

Hair brush is one of the common styling devices which we all have. Apart from fixing hairdo issues, it also deals effectively with hair tangles. Although we do not pay much attention to this small magic wand, yet it works amazingly in giving life to the hairs. Many of us are unaware about the hair brushing techniq... Read more

A healthy diet is equal to healthy hair. Every time, we eat foods, we either harm our hair or nourish it. It’s completely our choice whether we eat the food we’re craving for an hour or get the hair... Read more

Whether you've lustrous long locks or a trendy bob cut, you definitely love your hair. Today, most of the people face hair challenges- sometimes it comes as unruly curls and sometimes as weird cowlicks. But, you should know when a problem arises, there must be a solution. While hunting for the solution, you have t... Read more

Strong eyebrows frame the eyes by making it more attractive. Unfortunately, all people do not have distinct eyebrows. The eyebrows get thinner due to aging, illness, hormones, over plucking and others. Eyebrow hair transplantation is the easiest and the safest way to get bushier eyebrows. The process is similar to... Read more

Baldness is a metabolic syndrome that affects millions of people all over the world. It is a harsh reality which becomes more apparent with the growing age of individuals. So, if you are observing a receding hairline or your hair is becoming thin, do not t... Read more

Many of us who are suffering from hair loss have thought of hair transplantation. But, very few people have the courage to undergo the treatment. Although the latest researches show that the market of hair transplantation is booming rapidly, yet many of us still have false notions about it. This has prevented many bald men and women to get back ... Read more

In the 21st century, we believe from the core of our heart that Dressing is a way of life. Hence, we pay utmost attention while styling our hair, putting on a dress, wearing the shoes and the makeup. But, while doing so, most of the times, we forget the damage that the hair-styling products cause to our... Read more