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A healthy diet is equal to healthy hair. Every time, we eat foods, we either harm our hair or nourish it. It’s completely our choice whether we eat the food we’re craving for an hour or get the hair... Read more

hair-fall-hair-loss-healthy-food Best Food To Promote Hair Growth!!

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Hair Fall Treatment at Dr. Paul's We bring to you another success story of our Hair loss treatment. Ms. Arunditi Roy walked into Dr. Paul’s Multispeciality Clinic. The specialists at Dr. Paul’s quickly attended to her and enquired about the purpose of visit. Upon underst... Read more

Why is my hair falling out?

Know The Reasons For Your Hairfall Know The Reasons For Your Hairfall

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10 Things About Hair Fall You Should Know.

Hair fall is not a pleasing condition for anybody, but it is slowly becoming a common condition for men and women in all ages. Research say, about 85% of men will have Read more

Strip Technique or Follicular Unit Extension (FUE) - The Two Most Effective Hair Transplant Methods.

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5 Factors That Harm Your Hair

Top 5 factors that harm your hair.

Today, hair loss is the most common issue faced by teenagers and adult. Although women are less prone to hair loss than men, yet she tries hard to save them. But in the quest of getting beautiful and radiant hair ... Read more

5 Food items that will help prevent Hair Loss

A healthy mind and head only belong to a healthy body. And for a healthy body you need proper rest, exercise and of course good food too!

Here are 5 amazing food items that will help you keep the hair on your head healthy:

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