Painless Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is generally performed under local anesthesia. Naturally, the first questions that come to one’s mind are: Is painless hair transplantation possible and is it a very painful operation?

The use of local anesthesia and medication for relaxation allows the patients to sit, watch movies, listen to music or comfortably nap during their procedure.

Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin Treatment

The  i-PRF is a unique rejuvenation technique that uses the patient’s own blood plasma, enriched with:

  • platelets (a source of healing proteins and growth factors)
  • fibrin (the wound healing and regeneration matrix)
  • stem cells (the conductors of our body’s own healing and regeneration molecules)

This product is injected, resulting in activation of accelerated healing and regeneration. As a result, the body’s own regenerative properties are concentrated and focused on the area of concern.

i-PRF intensifies the functioning and reproduction of cells, having a gentle, gradual, yet long lasting and accumulative effect.

Of course, i-PRF results are all the more impressive when incorporated into a treatment plan with hyaluronic acid fillers, wrinkle-relaxing treatments and other skin treatments. Producing virtually no downtime, this clinic-based treatment can be used for skin and hair rejuvenation as well as treating problematic melasma and acne scars.

One of the newer applications of i-PRF is for the treatment of hair loss. It is used to reverse the hair loss in men and women as part of a multi-step treatment of the scalp that is done under local anesthesia. It appears to ‘reset’ the hair follicles and reduce the impact of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in those with Androgenetic Alopecia (pattern hair loss) and there is also growing evidence that PRP is the new ‘gold standard’ for Alopecia Areata.

What are the outcomes of i-PRF Treatment?

  • Overall tissue rejuvenation/regeneration
  • Collagen growth
  • Hair regeneration/restoration
  • Smoothing of fine lines/wrinkles
  • An overall anti-aging/wrinkle effect
  • Diminishing of pores/pigmentation
  • Diminishing of acne scars
  • Diminishing of superficial scars
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Stretch mark reduction
  • Deep scar reduction
  • Hand rejuvenation

*PRP/PRF can be used in conjunction with microneedling and/or dermal fillers to yield even better results


Is this the same as PRP? What is the difference between i-PRF & PRP?

Both PRP (platelet rich plasma), and i-PRF (injectable platelet rich fibrin) are platelet based growth factor treatments that are extracted using centrifuge.

i-PRF is the next generation of PRP. i-PRF contains greater concentrations of growth factors than PRP. i-PRF serum also contains stem cells, white blood cells (leucocytes) and fibrin – which PRP does not have.

The stem cells in the i-PRF are “undifferentiated” cells that literally morph into the cells needed to repair the hair follicles, so they can begin to produce thick, healthy hair shafts again.

Moreover once i-PRF is injected in the tissue it transforms from liquid into a gel, which not only lead to filling of voids in folds and wrinkles but also provide a powerful regenerative matrix that releases platelets’ growth factors in a physiological controlled slow manner that enhances tissue regeneration is a better way than PRP.



Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Guwahati

Hair implantation, also known as hair transplant, is a surgical restoration of hair to eliminate several hair issues like baldness and hair thinning. It is a complete scientific and painless procedure that uses advanced medical tools & techniques. As the leading Hair Transplant clinic in Guwahati, we offer the latest implant techniques, safe, fast, and reliable, and the best part is our amazing results. Our techniques ensure considerably natural-looking hair. Besides the latest instruments, our center is equipped with highly trained and qualified staff and experienced doctors to ensure the best treatment. We offer painless therapy at no extra cost.

About Hair Transplant Clinic In Guwahati

Dr. Paul’s is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Guwahati and offers various hair transplant treatments. All our hair transplant treatments are specially designed to solve the hair issues of each individual. Our expert doctor and trained staff provide a safe and secure environment to carry out the procedure. At first, we diagnose a patient’s concern and then offer a comprehensive treatment plan with pre-care & post-care details. We are committed to providing a quality experience and prioritizing each patient’s unique needs.

With the help of advanced technical methods and equipment and a team of qualified surgeons and staff, we are thriving to give you the best beauty experiences. Our treatment plans are also very cost-effective, and all our techniques meet global standards. We are proud to announce that we effectively cure both male & female patterns of baldness by using the latest FUE transplant methods. But we also provide a FUC transplant method in certain cases. Our primary motto is client satisfaction. That is why we try to understand each client’s socio-economic and emotional concerns respectively by providing proper pre-treatment counseling. We also give them a proper knowledge of hair care & maintenance so that they can take off the implanted hair and restore its natural growth and vitality.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Scalp Micro Pigmentation is a totally non invasive procedure which uses detailed micro needles in order to deposit pigment onto the scalp. The result gives the illusion and the appearance of tiny hair follicles which in turn help to thicken and restore the lost fuller hair look. If your hair line is starting to fade, recede, or even if you are going completely bald, we can help you to achieve the look of a short hair cut or basically an army crew cut. When administered and monitored by a trained and licensed professional, the Scalp Micro Pigmentation Treatment can help to cover up the receded hairlines, thicken remaining hair, hide the scarring that was left behind from transplantation, and create the look of a small cropped hair.

In order to create the appearance of hair, Scalp Micro Pigmentation Doctors at Dr Paul’s Clinic – Kolkata use cosmetic pigmentation and state of the art equipments for creating your desired hairline, adds density to areas that are thinning, and gradually blends into your existing hair (if any) for a rather seamless look. Scalp Micro Pigmentation requires very little, to almost no, continued maintenance and thus naturally carries no strict lifestyle routines or any sort of daily restrictions. It successfully replicates the look of a crew cut, fresh from the barbershop look.

Advantages of Scalp Micro Pigmentation

  • It is a Fast Procedure : This extremely simple Scalp Micro Pigmentation procedure, which is nothing else but basically what we call hair tattooing, is usually finished within a couple of short sessions. And it won’t be an understatement to say that right from post the first session, the results look quite realistic.
  • It Requires Very Little Maintenance : Just because there is no real hair involved in this procedure, there is no need for any expensive hair products, nor there is need for any extra styling time.
  • Scalp Micro Pigmentation Gives You a Realistic Look : The real purpose of this micro pigmentation procedure is to provide men with their hair look, even if it does not involve actual hair. This is why the pigments are carefully matched to the existing hair color, and even the skin tone.
  • This is a Permanent and Long Lasting Solution : Just because a scalp micro pigmentation assures to last for years, it can be expected that there will never again be any shortage of confidence. The pigmentation, unlike real hair, will never fall out.
  • SMP is Fast Healing : As this is a non-invasive procedure, the healing time required is limited to a very short, almost negligible. There are zero dressings to change, or any sort of stitches to be dealt with. All that is required is thorough cleaning of the scalp in the following weeks.

PRP Hair Treatment

One of the most Scientific Treatments for Hair Loss is the Platelet-Rich Plasma also known as the PRP.
PRP is a certain type of substance drawn right from your blood and then it is injected into your scalp that can eventually help to heal bodily tissues, which includes follicles from which the hairs grow out. Our blood is usually made up of two major components, which are called the red blood cells, and the plasma. The plasma part contains white blood cells and also platelets, which are very rich in nutrients which aid in growth factors.

Meso Treatment

Hair Mesotherapy Treatment is also commonly termed as mesoplasty or mesohair. Mesotherapy Treatment is a non surgical and thus a completely non invasive procedure used in order to combat hair loss and promote healthy hair growth by injecting nutrient rich fluid into the mesoderm layer of the scalp. This is the layer which lies in between the skin tissue and layers of fat.

This procedure has proven to be helpful in improving certain types of alopecia like the telogen effluvium, alopecia areata androgenetic alopecia and even stress alopecia. However, it is to be noted that there is very little scientific evidence to prove that this technique can totally eliminate hair loss.

The main objective of this procedure is not just to restore but also to increase microcirculation within the scalp, and thus provide nutrients, gradually slow down the shrinking of the follicles, and then finally stimulate hair growth. Hair Mesotherapy Treatment claims that chemicals and ingredients like Biotin, Biochanin A, PRP and Nano Peptides can stimulate hair growth and also effectively encourage new hair production.

Hair Fast Treatment

Hair Fall Solution-Dr Paul’s Advanced Hair & Skin Solution has come up with the world’s first hair regrowth medicine – Hair Fast. There are numerous causes of hair loss such as nutritional deficiencies, thyroid, stress, poor scalp hygiene, and others. Fighting the cause of hair loss is very tough as it will keep on changing and vary from one patient to the other. Hair Fast, the best medicine for hair fall control and regrowth, strengthens the roots and promotes hair growth by compelling the hair follicles to enter the growing phase. Hair Fast actually, is a Cyclical Vitamin Therapy Programme. It triggers the hair growth through a balanced micro nutrient environment. The therapy does not involve the use of any medicine, but the low dose vitamins. Excessive amount of vitamin A, E, Omega 3 cause hair loss. Iron and Calcium, if used on the same day, chelate each other and reduce efficiency by 40%. We avoid excess vitamins by spreading over 3 days. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids etc. are used in the right proportion to grow the hair again. It not only brings the roots of the hair to the growth phase but also strengthens it to the maximum to prevent excess falling of hair. We use separate gender-specific nutrients to have appropriate combination for better results. All the combinations are researched, tested and developed by experts to maintain its authenticity and quality. This treatment is so effective that the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons, USA, recommends it for pre and post use even in hair transplantation.

Hair Fall Solution – Hair Fast

  • It allows waking up fresh in the morning and feeling energetic.
  • One does not get tired easily by having better stamina to do the day’s work.
  • The antioxidants used, help to fight effects of stress and neutralize toxins in the body.
  • Students feel alert, have better grasp, better memory and remember their studies better.
  • Small joint pains, aches, body stiffness seem to disappear and you can perform better.
  • Skin also improves when you use vitamins for the hair.
  • Flight pursers, pilots on long flights reported feeling better, undisturbed by change in their body rhythm, even after flying against the day & night cycles.
  • Program covers all the body requirement of essential nutrients and vitamins for good health, without any overdose. No other vitamins or supplements are required to be taken for wellness.
  • Vitamins can continue with any other treatment, they do not interact with other medicines.
  • The micro nutrient balance when combined with Low Light Laser Therapy, rejuvenates natural stem cells in the scalp to create new hair roots. It has been proved that by using the product, the patients get 30% or more hair as compared to hair transplant.

Hair Transplant

Hair loss can impact your confidence and self-image. However, proper treatment with advanced technique can help you regain your hair. Hair restoration specialists analyze the conditions to create a treatment plan. Some patients need simple treatment and some need a hair transplant solution. 

We at Dr. Paul’s Advanced Hair & Skin Solutions Clinics, understand the implications of hair loss. And we also understand that a hair transplant treatment comes with a cost. We offer transparency on hair transplant costs at our clinics in Kolkata. Our hair transplant cost in Kolkata ranges from ₹40,000 to ₹3,00,000.

Hair Transplant in Kolkata – What is HGA-FUE Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is the process of extracting hairs from the donor area and implanting it into the recipient site. We all know that hair transplantation can be done mainly in two ways – FUT and FUE. Though the latter is the most advanced form of the treatment, yet it poses certain challenges. It has been found that even after using the FUE technique, all implanted grafts do not sprout hairs successfully. The main three reasons behind this insufficient growth are:
FUE is a time consuming procedure. So, the hair follicles that are extracted from the back side of the scalp get damaged or weak due to coming in contact with the foreign environment.
Insufficient supply of the nutrients through the blood circulation to the roots just after the surgery makes the hair weak and eventually the hairs fall out.
The delaying of the metabolism of the follicular cells.
To overcome these limitations, Dr. Paul’s – one of the best Hair Transplantation Clinic in Kolkata, India have combined both FUE with Hair Growth Accelerator (HGA).

Understanding the Hair Transplant Cost in Kolkata:

The hair transplant cost in Kolkata is unique. It is influenced by several factors. Here’s a breakdown of what shapes the pricing:

  • Number of Grafts

The cornerstone of cost is the number of grafts transplanted. This depends on your area of baldness and desired density. Smaller areas requiring fewer grafts translate to lower costs.

  • Technique Employed

We offer both Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) techniques. FUE, requiring individual graft extraction, often incurs a slightly higher cost.

  • Surgeon’s Expertise

Dr. Paul, with his extensive experience, commands a premium. However, we offer consultations with other skilled surgeons within the affordable range.

  • Additional Services

The cost depends on your needs and post-operative medications. PRP therapy or scalp micropigmentation can add to the overall cost.


How to Decide the Cost of Hair Transplant Treatment:

Experts at Dr. Paul’s Clinic offer personalised solutions. During your consultation, we do the following:

  • Conduct a thorough scalp analysis: Hair restoration specialists determine the extent of hair loss. They find donor area suitability. They will also calculate the number of grafts required.
  • Discuss your desired outcome: Your hair transplant surgeon will discuss the outcome with you. This allows us to tailor the approach and estimate the cost effectively.
  • Present transparent pricing: We break down the cost structure, explaining each component clearly.
  • Offer flexible payment options: We understand financial constraints and work with you to explore viable payment plans.

Cost of Hair Transplant in Kolkata at Dr. Paul’s:

While hair transplant cost in Kolkata is essential, remember the following:

  • Investing in quality: Choosing an experienced surgeon at Dr. Paul’s Clinic ensures optimal results. It minimizes the risk of complications. It will potentially save you money in the long run.
  • Long-term value: A successful hair transplant can significantly improve your quality of life. It will boost your self-esteem. It will offer intangible value beyond the initial cost.

Take the Next Step for Healthy Hair:

Schedule a consultation at Dr. Paul’s Advanced Hair & Skin Solutions Clinics. Let’s discuss your concerns and hair transplant cost in Kolkata. We will curate a tailored solution that fits your budget and aesthetic goals. Remember, regaining your confidence and a full head of hair is an investment in yourself. And we are here to help you every step of the way.


Types of Hair Transplantations

Two distinct forms of transplantation are done throughout the world and these incorporate FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation and FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction. Naturally, there are certain differences between these two forms and patients should be well informed regarding them before undergoing this operation.

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Jorhat

Hair Transplant is getting popular among the masses lately as more and more people opt for them. At Dr. Paul’s, we use the most advanced FUE hair implantation techniques, which are highly effective and yield a natural outcome. We ensure the topmost care and provide individual attention to each patient. Being the best-known hair transplant clinic, we provide detailed information regarding your hair issue, help you understand the exact cause of your hair fall or hair thinning, and prescribe a treatment plan as per the requirements. If you are looking for the most advanced hair loss treatment in Jorhat with outstanding results, Dr. Paul’s clinic should be your only choice.

About Hair Transplant Clinic In Jorhat

Located in one of the posh localities of Jorhat, Dr. Paul’s clinic provides the best and most advanced form of hair transplantation, maintaining global standards. We are equipped with the latest tools and technologies certified worldwide, and all our staff is specially trained to provide the utmost customer assistance. In addition, we are associated with a team of highly qualified cosmetic dermatologists and surgeons who are renowned for providing the best solution to any of your skin & hair concerns.

The clinic is quite spacious, where the patient’s acquaintance can wait while undergoing treatment. Our hair loss treatment is always performed by top professionals in India to ensure maximum safety. Therefore, even each patient gets adequate information about the entire treatment process and the outcome to make an informed decision.

At our clinic in Jorhat, we provide both FUE & FUT methods of transplantation which are considered to be the best in the market now. Although the treatment is like a mild surgical process, it is entirely painless and leaves minimal scar. However, the patient needs to take 4-5 days of bed rest to avoid any complications and can resume daily life after that. We provide 90% of graft survival and ensure a natural result matching your existing hairs. We are best known for using global techniques and world-class customer satisfaction, and that is why we are considered one of the leading hair transplant clinics in Jorhat and India.

Other Hair Problems

Hair Loss can affect more than just your scalp. It can have a negative impact on your self-esteem and confidence. Outer and inner health are closely attached, so if you are suffering from hair loss and is hindering your life, it’s time to act. To know more about what hair loss you are suffering from, we’ve laid down the other hair problems of hair loss in this section.

In 2007, Dr. Paul’s started the journey as the pioneer in hair and scalp care treatments. Now we have 22 state-of-the-art clinics across Eastern India, Delhi, and NCR. Our expert surgeons provide one-to-one consultations and substantial aftercare during and after the treatment.


A very includes complaint by all which is very distressing but yet controllable. It is caused by certain yeast type proliferating on the scalp that irritates the skin in turn and leads to quicker hair shedding than it should. This causes the white flakes on the scalp, though Dandruff doesn’t affect the hair growth.


Seborrheic dermatitis is one such another includes condition which makes the skin look scaly, greasy and flaky. It typically affects the scalp and is includesly mistaken for “Dandruff”. In babies, this condition is also known as “Cradle Cap” and can also affect the skin on other parts such as face and chest.


This is a type of skin condition where one tends to develop itchiness, inflammation, redness and skin rash as well. At the same time, the skin tends to appear rough and cracked. There are many types of eczema and depending upon your condition, we will determine and begin the treatment.


Psoriasis forms as a result of speeding replacement of skin layers. Normally the skin cells take around 21-28 days to replace themselves, but in Psoriasis, this process accelerates greatly, and the skin cells can be quickly replaced every 6 – 14 days. This, in turn, results in skin cells accumulation on the skin surface, in form of psoriatic plaque. This hair condition can occur at any point of lifespan, affecting teenagers, children, adults and older people. It affects both males and females equally.


This is a hair follicle disorder which can result in widespread itchy breakouts, often observed along the hairline. It is usually caused by a certain type of bacterial infection. Scalp Folliculitis can be stubborn and requires both antibiotic and topical treatments to control the issue. In many patients we’ve simply seen after the first round of treatment, they tend to give up. But it is necessary to understand that it can return even after and may require further 3 – 4 treatment courses.


Pityriasis Amiantacea, also known as Tinea Amiantacea, is a distinct scalp disorder. It is usually described as an eczematous condition where the scalp bears thick, adherent and silver scales. The scales extend on to the hairs and binds them together in a heavy bunch. These tight scales happen in patches in any part of the scalp and includesly affects individual between 25 – 50 years of age.

Pityriasis Amiantacea is defined as an inflammatory disease and is not caused by fungus. It is identified medically as a result of scalp disorder condition including lichen planus, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and lichen simplex chronicus.


Tinea Capitis is a type of fungal infection which affects the hair follicles and scalp. It is also known as ringworm infection since it forms ring-like shape or circular itchy patches on the scalp at first that later on becomes irregular on spreading. This hair condition is includesly observed in children, however, some fungal genus can also affect the adults too. This is highly contagious and can be easily spread from the infected person close contact or on sharing things such as towels, combs, caps or other items.


Greying of hair at a very early age is known as Premature Hair Greying. While reasons for this condition is mostly natural since it inevitable and part of the aging process, but an excess of grey hair under the age of 30 in people is a cause for concern. Before we identify the reasons behind white hair, we should determine the signs and symptoms for this condition at a young age. It is very crucial for you to understand that premature hair greying is a controllable and not a curable problem. The focus remains on arresting the spread of hair greying till its physiological age, i.e. 30 and above.


Lichen Planopilaris is another one such scalp disease which results in permanent loss of hair. This disorder is said to be a variant of Lichen Planus, also a includes skin disorder causing reddish purple distinct rashes on the body. When Lichen Planus affects the scalp, it causes bald patches and is called as Lichen Planopilaris. It, in turn, damages hair follicles by causing inflammation and gradually leading to loss of hair and scarring.


Pseudopelade of Brocq is rare hair loss disease that affects the scalp and causes Scarring Alopecia resulting in bald patches. Generally, no distinguished inflammation is observed and only hair loss is observed in patches. These patches vary in sizes and shapes and are random. It usually begins in the vertex scalp region, and sometimes it stays confined to its area or spreads to other regions of the scalp. The patches are flesh-colored or white, smooth, irregular in shape and show slight depression.

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