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Who told that beauty is only associated with women? At least, not in today’s fashion conscious world. I, like many of my other friends, wanted to have the glowing skin like that of Ashton Kutcher. My skin was not very bad from the beginning. In fact, I felt proud whenever I saw myself at the mirror. Making friends... Read more

Acne is an ugly skin disease often described by inflammation in the skin popping out in form of pimple or zit. This condition is common around world especially among teenagers and most people have it at least once in a lifetime. It generally creates panic among people and in the urge to cure acne many go wrong in handling this situation. There c... Read more

Tips for Acne!

acne_pimples_scars_garlic_avocade_food_healthy-food Acne Tips!

Having a clear and beautiful face is important for maintaining a healthy look. However, today’spolluted environmental conditions have an im... Read more
acne_pimples_scars_pigmentation_skin_treatment Success Story Of Acne Treatment At Dr.Paul's! Ms. Subha visited Dr.Paul's multispeciality clinic on the day of her appointment. Upon her enquiry for Read more
Acne Treatment at Dr.Paul's As per the appointment fixed Ms. Sheila visited Dr.Paul's for her acne treatment. As soon as she entered the staff at Dr.Paul's greeted her and showed her way to the specialist's clinic. The specialist enquired about the duration of acne, her ea... Read more

Success Story- Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment At Dr.Paul's Mrs. Bimla walked into Dr.Paul’s on a pleasant morning for her acne treatment. The specialist at Dr.Paul’s received her and directed her to the concerned specialist.   Mrs. Bimla briefed about herRead more

Success Story: Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment At Dr. Paul's Ms. Reshma walked into Dr. Paul’s on a pleasant morning for her acne treatment. The specialist at Dr. Paul’s greeted her and directed her to the consultation room. Ms. Reshma poured out w... Read more


Here is another success story of Acne treatment at Dr. Paul's. Acne Treatment At Dr. Paul's Ms. Krupa visited Dr. Paul’s about 6 months back when her acne was at it’s worse. She walked into Dr.Paul’s saying she wants to get treated from the best doctor. We assured... Read more

Success Story-Acne

Success Story Of Acne At Dr.Paul's We bring to you one more testament of our client Ms.Arunima. On a Monday morning, Ms. Arunima Das walked into Dr. Paul’s clinic fed up with her acne problems! Ms. Das was received & directed to our Specialist. An hour long session of b... Read more