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PDO Hair Regrowth Treatment

Hair Regrowth – PDO (polydioxanone) is a known absorbable FDA-cleared synthetic suture which stimulates endogenous collagen production, elastin hyaluronic acid as well as activates fibroblasts. Hair regrowth in patients with hair loss from androgenetic alopecia has been Observed who had PDO threads inserted Into their scabs. Non-surgical application of POO threads into the scalp IS successful safe and comfortable out-patient procedure with no downtime or aftercare. The PDO Hair Regrowth procedure for hair regrowth often helps preventing or reduces the need for hair transplantation. The treatment definitely helps In stopping, slowing or reversing hair loss in conjunction with other treatments such as Follirich GFC therapy and Cyclical Hair loss Treatment Program with low-level laser therapy. It is recommended that Hair Check hair regrowth measurements be performed every three months (90 days) to track the improvements in hair growth from treatment.

Hair Loss Treatment in Kolkata

Follirich GFC Therapy

India’s First Novel Autologous Growth Factor Concentrate Therapy for Hair loss, researched and engineered by scientists of Regenerative Medicine Department & Research Lab. Their proprietary platelet activator is used in the specialized kit to release various growth factors from platelets into Follirich GFC.
Compared with traditional PRP, Follirich GFC Therapy ensures:

  • No Platelet loss & high concentration of Growth Factors
  • Completely Acellular – (No RBC & WBC In final output)
  • Excellent Stability (stable for about 8-10 hours at room temperature)
  • Simple procedure & Xenofree Environment
pdo hair regrowth treatment
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Benefits of Follirich GFC Therapy

  • Reduced hair fall
  • Rejuvenation of hair follicle
  • Improved hair thickness and Increased hair volume
  • Strengthened hair shaft
  • Stimulation of hair growth

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We at Dr Paul’s understand that every person’s hair & scalp is unique and different. Therefore, there is a need for different treatment suited to each individual’s needs and concerns.



Getting to the root of the problem helps us to design a 360degree solution that enables our doctors to deliver long lasting results.

Result Oriented


Our solutions combine unique technology, medical expertise and effective products and home care system to ensure visible results.

Unique Technologies


Unique technologies to rejuvenate hair growth naturally & effectively. eg, MESOTHERAPY, PEP,HAIR BEAM therapy etc.

Comprehensive Scalp Care System


When your hair fall, hair thinning, hair loss, hair ageing, scalp problems or just want to maintain your hair health at Dr Paul’s, you would get a customized solution especially designed for you by our doctor.

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  • Treatment Protocol for both Male / Female Clients

  • PDO Hair Regrowth, Follirich GFC Therapy & Hair Fact is a 3 step Internal & external treatment program, designed to work synergistically to promote healthy scalp skin and hair growth. The following combination treatment (in-clinic and at home treatment) has helped to treat the most common form of hair loss known as androgenetic alopecia, as well as increase thickness and density of hair in post-transplant patients.

DAY 1 – (PDO-HG) Hair FAST / Hair FACT - Oral Nutritional Supplements
DAY – 45-60 (Follirich-GFC Therapy) Grwoth Factor – Topical Lotion / Cream
DAY – 120 (Follirich-GFC Therapy) Low Level Laser Therapy
DAY – 180 (PDO – HG) Anti-Dandruff / Anti-Fungal Shampoo
DAY – 240 (Follirisch-GFC Therapy)
DAY – 300 (Follirich-GFC Therapy)

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Recommended PDO Hair Regrowth Treatment?

Dr Paul’s most experienced trichologists suggest that you get to know the root of your hair fall problem before you opt for any hair loss treatments. There are various solutions like Meso Therapy, PRP Treatment, Platelet implementation, hair transplant etc. Hair Transplant services include FUT, FUE and Stem Cell Therapy. We, at Dr. Paul’s, focus on FUE technique. For any query, consult our Hair Expert at -

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