What can a patient expect immediately after the completion of the FUE hair transplant?

The FUE hair transplant process is mostly not very much associated with conditions like discomfort and is also much less painful. The patient can go home pretty much on the same day after the procedure (barring any kind of complications) but there may be a slight feeling of numbness or even tightness over the scalp area. There will be a bandage over the scalp, which will generally be taken out the very next day. At a professional center, first scalp wash is given by experts with the proper instructions about how to correctly wash the head at home. If you have already undergone the FUE Hair Transplant then you might not be usually having any bleeding issues. A patient may experience some itchiness or a slight tingling sensation, which can be further taken care by some prescribed medications. It would be the best suggested practice to follow as post operative instructions which are given to you by your doctor just in order to assure the best results and also to avoid any sort of complications. For a couple of days, you may be asked to lie down or sleep with your head kept elevated. This will help in preventing further swelling which is not unnatural to occur at times.

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