How often does the patient need to visit the clinic post the hair transplant surgery?

One may commonly think that it might take a long time for the result to come, and thus one may need to visit the clinic and get check up done quite often and also go for regular follow up. Although it is quite a long process, the number of doctor visits after surgery is usually limited to just a few in order to rule out any post operation complications.

At professional centers, it is recommended that the patient should visit the clinic the next day after procedure for removal of the bandage. In the exact same visit the doctor does the first head wash and show the patient the process of how to do the head wash for next few days. The general recommendation usually is that if a patient can visit the clinic then they should visit after two weeks days for the scab and also the crust removal, which is normally done by the doctor or one of his professional team members. All of the instructions are usually once again explained thoroughly.

The patient is advised to be in close contact with the clinic and if and whenever they might feel like or if they ever have any issues then they should visit the clinic or immediately contact the doctor over the phone.

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