Tips to Overcome Hair Loss, India - Hair Transplant in India

Tips to Overcome Hair Loss, India


September 2019

Tips to Overcome Hair Loss, India

By: Tips to Overcome Hair Loss, India

While it poses no hazard to the health of a person, hair loss can be difficult to cope with. It’s a disappointing feeling when your beautiful head of hair which you had taken for granted suddenly starts losing hair, until the receding hairline becomes prominent. As a result, your self-esteem takes a direct hit. Not just that, social interactions become a little more awkward, and if you’re in a career that depends on presentation, the situation becomes desperate. Obviously, hair loss can’t be ignored for too long.

Hair loss treatment methods

Hair loss can be treated through a variety of methods, which can be broadly classified into two categories:

Natural Methods: These methods aim to rejuvenate hair growth by following methods that are in tune with the nature. This might involve application of herbal oils, amla, eggs, etc., to the head, or yoga techniques unique to hair growth. Still another possibility is natural healing systems like homeopathy, which is known to give good results sometime. But there’s one catch with these systems: they take an extremely long time to work; and in most cases, there are no results to prove their efficacy.

Surgical Methods: Under this method comes the hair transplant process that has gained so much acceptance these days. In this method, hair follicles are taken from a healthy scalp, also known as the donor, and grafted on the head of the receiver surgically. Two popular types of hair transplant are FUT and FUE, with relative applications and merits.

Which method should you use?

Finalizing a direction of treatment can be a hard nut to crack. For most of the people, the natural methods are the default start. However, after some time they realize that there’s been no improvement, and all their struggle has not been worth it. Some people even go to the extent of wearing wigs; but the problem here is that wigs are not only very uncomfortable, they also project a fake hair growth that can be detected quite easily, leading to further embarrassment. For more effective treatment of hair loss, the surgical methods are recommended.

What are the precautions with FUT & FUE?

If you’re going the surgery way, make sure you have understood from your surgeon all the point involved. For instance, how long the recovery will take; when will the hair start growing back; the maintenance required; surgery requirements like going fully bald; etc. Generally speaking, FUT takes less time but can leave sizable scars on the scalp. FUE, on the other hand, is suited more for small patches of baldness. Hair transplant also demands extensive maintenance for some weeks after the surgery, which you should factor in when finalizing things. Also, the treatment tends to be a little heavy on the pocket, although is quite affordable these days.

Finally, understand that the choice of treatment lies solely with you. If you are happy with your hair that way it is, you might not need any kind of treatment. If, however, it bothers you and makes you feel incomplete, by all means go for a transplant.

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