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Skinova Cream

Skinova Cream

Skinova Cream

Antiseptic Cream

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Description:  Antiseptic Cream

Weight: 21 gm

Type of Use: For external use only

Ingredients:  Each 5 gm Contains: Acid Boric 1x 10 mg., Zinc Oxide 1x5mg, Borax 1x5mg, Calc Sulph 1x2mg, Ant Crude 1x 2mg., Berberis Aq Q 0.1 ml, Calendula Q 0.1 ml. Thuja Q 0.1 ml. Hydrastis Can Q 0.1 ml. Alcohol 4.8% v/v Lanonline & vaseline Q.S.

Use:  Soothing antiseptic cream, helps to remove skin affections, like pimples. Blemishes, cracks, pox-marks, acne etc.

Direction of use: Apply the cream by rubbin. This is not a to toilet & cosmetic preparation.

Other Ingredients: NO

Store:  Store in a cool & dry place

Antiseptic Cream

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