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Product Description

Description:  “New generation” Treatment for hyperpigmentation

Weight: 3×10 Tablets

Type of Use: Suitable for all skin types. Should not taken during Pregnancy, Breastfeeding.

Ingredients:  Each serving of one tab contains: Proanthocynadins 200mg. Grape sheed extract 20 mg. L-m Selenomethione 30 Mcg. Proprietary Blend Contains: 314.165 mg

Use: Treatment for hyperpigmentation, Skin resilience formula with UV rays protection.

Direction of use: Serving Size: 1-2 Tab daily or as directed by health caring professional.

Other Ingredients: Ubiquinol, Zinc Asperate Astaxanthian, Blend of vitamins and Herbal Extracts.

Store: Store in a cool dry and dark place. Approved colour and preservatives used.