How to Accelerate Hair Growth After Transplant

How to Accelerate Hair Growth After Transplant

Doctors usually recommended the transplant procedure when the chances of normal hair revival are impossible. Presently, hair transplant is done by utilising techniques like FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). However, people usually have to wait up to six months after the transplant to experience the emergence of new hair in the affected scalp portion. As a result, they sometimes wonder how to accelerate hair growth after transplant. It is an easily accomplished goal, once you read these steps that are mentioned below-

  • Deal Gently

The transplanted scalp portion usually takes some time to heal completely. As such, you must avoid exerting too much pressure in this affected portion at the time of massaging or administering conditioner and oil. It is one of the vital things to avoid after hair transplant to ensure a full recovery.  

  • Ideal Shampoo

Shampooing after transplant may affect the scalp alongside restricting the possibility of hair growth. Hence, consulting a doctor is very essential to proceed cautiously in this matter. But once receiving the approval from the specialist, you should acquire the best shampoo after hair transplant to clean the zone surrounding the newly implanted follicles.

  • Avoid Scratching

   You may experience constant itching sensation in the transplanted scalp area which is really quite irritating. However, you should resist applying fingers to scratch the irritated scalp parts as that may further aggravate the trouble. It is one of the crucial things to avoid after hair transplant in every possible way.

  • Apply Natural Oil

While massaging the scalp, you should prioritise administering natural oil to keep the follicles healthy and thereby promoting hair growth at a faster pace. In this context, applying coconut oil after hair transplant is actually very beneficial on a long-term basis.

  • Outdoor Restriction

After the transplant, you should avoid moving outside especially during the day time. This will ensure smooth growth and proper nourishment of the transplanted hair quite consistently. You just have to abide by this restriction only ten months. In brief, this is one of such necessary things to avoid after hair transplant.    

Hair transplant is a highly-skilled procedure that needs expert supervision to ensure minute attention to the smallest details to handle the follicles properly. Are you in search of a reliable hair transplant clinic in Kolkata?

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