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Hair Transplant in Gariahat

Have you noticed a progressive and gradual increase in the number of hairs lost when brushing or combing? Perhaps after months or years of denial, you have now realized that the mirror does not lie. You're not alone if you're experiencing increased hair shedding, breakage, or significant hair loss.
At the Dr. Paul’s Hair Transplant in Gariahat Clinic, we believe in personalized hair loss treatment in the broadest sense of the word. Each case of hair loss is unique and every patient’s goals are personal to them. With our years of dedication and customer satisfaction level, we are now the largest chain of hair and skin care provider with 21 clinics across India. To know more about hair transplant cost, you can reach us anytime and anywhere.

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Its fantastic experience. I am very much satisfied

Prince Singh


Hair transplantation done with lot of care in a very friendly atmosphere...excellent service!

Prosenjit Sarkar


Thank you . Thanks a lot Dr Paul's,Specially thanks to Mr. Joyjit Da for his charming cooperation and services.

Anamika Chatterjee


Excellent service, nice hospitality. Staff members and doctors are very polite and maintains professional work habits. Their treatment is actually helping me with my problem, with time I am hoping for a noticeable change. I would specially recommend Dr. Roktim chatterjee

# Neha


Really pleasant experience...Dr.pauls service is really good... starting from hair loss treatments to laser treatments ,I must say satisfactory results u ll u knw well authorized and well being doctors r there...

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