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Gift Yourself A New You With New Hairs! Pay For Hair Transplant, Get PRP Treatment Free!

Hiding behind lock doors? Insecure about yourself? Gone are the days where hair loss was a big problem. Introducing Dr. Paul’s revolutionary HGA-FUE Hair Transplant with PRP treatment for hair loss now to help you achieve a head full of visibly fuller, longer and natural looking hair that you’ve always dreamed of!

Be it a health care or beauty or wellness needs, everything comes with a cost. Dr. Paul’s understand how hair loss can affect one’s self-confidence. To provide instant relief, we are offering HGA-FUE Hair Transplant with FREE PRP Hair Loss Treatment at the price of 1!

We started our journey with an aim to provide aesthetic relief and permanent solution to all your anxiety and to make sure you get back your lost confidence soon, Special Offer on our highly advanced hair loss solutions is made available just at Rs. 45,000, single session.

What makes it more special is that you get the benefit of 2 treatments in just paying for 1. FUE Hair Transplant with combination with HGA, our Hair Growth Accelerator, was first introduced by us in India. Our hair loss solutions are not only value-driven, but ensure maximum hair growth, doubles the hair density and also support hair follicles for more than 8 hours during the procedure.

Why wait to get bald? Avail our DNA Defined Clinical Hair Loss Treatments and speed up your follicular metabolism to achieve that natural looking hair. Nothing can make us more happy as getting back your lost hair.

DNA Defined Clinical Hair Treatment

  • Unique Hair DNA Analysis
  • Density Improvement Programme (DIP)
  • PRP Treatment
  • MESO Treatment
  • Low Level Laser Treatment
  • Revolutionary Cyclical Vitamin Therapy

HGA FUE Hair Transplant

  • Natural Hair Regrowth
  • Signature Hair Growth Accelerator (HGA)
  • HGA to Maximise Hair Density
  • Visible Result in 90 Days
  • Nearly Non-Invasive Method
  • No Cut, No Stitch Formula

PRP Treatment

  • Platelet Rich Plasma Injection
  • Painless Process
  • Nearly Non-Invasive Method
  • No Cut, No Scar
  • Boost Hair Growth
  • Least Recovery Time

Why Choose Us

Every client is unique and every situation is different. Our customers turns to Dr. Paul's for lot of reasons. But, in most cases, it brings down to one single word: Trust.

Trust In Our Experience

Decades of work and dedication in support to medical field

Trust In Our Solutions

Leveraging our knowledge to achieve world class aesthetic solutions

Trust In Our Results

Delivering the best aesthetic results to our clients since 2007

Client Results

"…Beyond Inspired…"

The staff here at Dr. Paul’s was very helpful and made regular follow up for appointments. Its been a year that I have undergone a hair transplant and have already started to see noticeable changes in my appearance. - Mr. Arun Kr. Aggarwal

"…Beyond Inspire…"

I used to suffer from lack of confidence due to baldness as people made and passed insulting comments. Then I found out about Dr. Paul’s hair treatments. I have started seeing positive results within 2 months of transplantation. I'm very happy. - Mr. Nepal Kumar Shau

"…Beyond Inspire…"

I had around 3 thousand follicles transplanted. I would recommend Dr. Paul’s to anyone thinking of undergoing hair transplant. Very friendly and welcoming team with great results, all though it's still early doors I can't thank them enough. - Debashis Sanyal

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