Radio Cautery Treatment

It is quite crucial to ascertain the exact cause during the treatment of skin ailments. We do attach the utmost importance to this principle while dealing with various skin problem cases. Right now, we will talk about a case where our specialists had to proceed a bit differently to ensure a permanent relief to a patient.

It was 4th April 2018. A 52-year-old male person from Kolkata visited our clinic. He was quite worried as a result of the hyperpigmented spot formation on the face and neck. We diagnosed the condition thoroughly and found that it was mainly happening as a result of the disorder named Mole. Our team decided to cure this disorder by administering radio cautery treatment. This treatment is of a one-time procedure. We closely noticed the gradual progress that had gained prominence after the completion of the entire session. This was quite evident with the complete disappearance of the unpleasant spots. Presently, the patient is no longer suffering from this excess pigmentation on the face and neck. No doubt that the audience will be surely convinced with our treatment standard once watching these two pictures thoroughly below.

Condition Before the Treatment

Condition After the Treatment

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