Q-Switch Laser Treatment

Skin pigmentation disorder largely happens due to various reasons. We are very much proficient to cure such kind of problem only after properly diagnosing the condition of the patients. Today, we shall discuss a case like this where our doctors have to work hard to offer a permanent remedy to the patient.

It was 15th April, 2016. A 54-year-old female from Kolkata visited our clinic after scheduling an appointment. Her face was scattered with black and brown spots. While talking, we clearly understood that she wanted complete relief from this trouble. We diagnosed her thoroughly and found that she was suffering from a disorder named Lentigen. We decided to administer the Q-Switch Laser treatment. The therapy was of 4 sessions where the time gap is 15 days between every sitting. We actually started to notice a gradual improvement in his condition that had gained clear visibility only after the last 4th session. We found there was a complete disappearance of the unpleasant facial spots. We do believe that viewers will also agree with this after studying these two pictures below.

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