Peeling & Laser Skin Treatment

We have been involved in delivering the right skin treatment solution only after analysing the condition of the patients. Today, we will discuss a case where our team had worked exceedingly well to ensure a long-lasting relief of the patient.

The year was 2017, 14th February. A 52-year-old female from Kolkata scheduled an appointment with us. She came with the problem of skin colour aberration in the neck and face which is normally described as diffuse hyperpigmentation. On further diagnosis, we found that it was largely happening as a result of the disorder named Acanthosis. We decided to treat her problem by administering peeling and laser therapy. The treatment duration was of 2 years that would proceed in 18 sessions alongside the topical homecare regimen subsequently. The initial gap between each session was 1 month but from the 10th session, the interval period was extended to 2-3 months. We noticed her progress with the gradual skin complexion improvement that had attained clear visibility in the 6th session. After that, we decided to introduce laser therapy to accelerate the pace of this improvement. Finally, after the completion of the 18th session, we stopped the therapeutic treatment and decided to start with the home care regimen which eventually produced the desired result. Presently, the skin complexion of this patient is quite normal but still, she visits our clinic every4-6 months to assess the condition. Viewers will surely be impressed once witnessing our treatment standard in these two pictures that are presented below.

Condition Before the Treatment

laser treatment @dr pauls

Condition After the Treatment

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