Peeling and Laser Treatment

The treatment of human skin has to proceed correctly. It is the main reason that we first diagnose the skin condition of the patient before administering a suitable treatment. Today, we shall discuss one such case that was initially appeared very challenging.

It was the time of 2017, June 16. A 34-year-old woman from Kolkata came to our clinic. She was suffering from the issue of hyperpigmentation on the face and the neck. On further diagnosis, our expert found that it was the disorder of Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. We decided to apply the peeling and Q- Switch laser treatment to which the patient had not raised any objection. It was a 12 session treatment of 18 months that also included the topical home care regimen in the subsequent period. The initial treatment session interval was 1month but from the 8th session onwards, the interval was expanded to 2 months. We had noticed a gradual improvement in her skin complexion with each session, i.e., the second, third, and fourth. It was only after the 6th session that our team decided to introduce the laser treatment to ensure further improvement. Once the completion of the 12th session, we stopped the treatment and suggested home-based remedial measures only.

Presently, the patient is quite satisfied with the outcome and also visits our clinic every 4-6 months to assess the skin condition. We are quite sure that viewers will also admire our treatment quality after viewing some pictures of this patient below.

Condition Before the Treatment

Condition After 4 months

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