Laser Treatment

The occurrence of skin disorder is also an indication of a hidden health problem. Hence, we properly assess the skin condition to derive a complete insight on the source and cause of an ailment. It is only after that, we do provide the ideal remedial solution to the patients. We shall now highlight a particular case where our specialists had attained success once identified the exact source of the disease.

The time was 15th October 2017. A 22-year-old female from Kolkata came to our clinic. She was quite troubled with the unwanted hair surge in certain portions of the face. These hairs were actually spoiling here elegant look. We diagnosed her thoroughly and found that it was happening mainly due to a disorder called PCOS. We decided to apply the laser hair reduction treatment which comprises of 12 sessions with the 18-month duration. Initially, the gap between each session was fixed to be 1 month. However, this gap was extended to 3 months from the 6th session onward. We noticed her gradual improvement which had started to attain clear visibility from the 4th session with the reduction of hair count and texture thinning. It was only after the completion of the 8th session that we found that hair growth had become scattered and reduced. Although her face got rid of the irritating hairs, the problem has not yet ended. So, she is presently under our special maintenance regimen where the time gap is of 6 months per session. Viewers will be able to spot the improvement once seeing these two pictures below.

Condition Before Treatment

Condition After Treatment

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