Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Our proficiency in skin treatment is indisputable. In every case, we have earned success by administering a suitable treatment. Right now, we shall start to discuss a case where our specialists had left no stone un-turned to achieve the desired result.

It was the year of 2017, November, 11. A 19-year-old female patient from Kolkata visited our clinic. She was suffering from the emergence of unwanted hairs surrounding the entire face. It was quite clear that she wanted to escape from these unwanted facial hairs at all costs. We diagnosed her thoroughly and found that she was experiencing this trouble as a result of the PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). We suggested the laser hair reduction treatment to the patient to which she agreed instantly. This treatment shall be administered in 12 sessions and the duration would of 18 months. Our initial treatment session interval was of 1 month. However, the interval duration was extended to 3 months from the 6th session onward.

 It was mainly from the 4th session that we noticed significant progress in her condition which culminated with the texture thinning and reduced hair count. During the completion of the 8th session, we found a significant reduction in hair growth with the least visibility. Although her facial hair growth is now completely minimized, the problem still exists. As such, she is now undergoing a maintenance program with a gap of 6 months per session. We are also presenting some pictures below that will highlight what was her condition before and after this treatment.

laser hair removal at dr pauls
laser hair reduction

Before Laser Hair Reduction

laser hair removal treatment
laser hair removal treatment

After Laser Hair Reduction

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