Laser Hair Reduction Treatment

Skin treatment usually involves minute attention to the details. We, at Dr. Pauls Multispecialty Clinic, constantly observe this principle while handling patients who suffer from various skin-related ailments. In this context, we shall now discuss one such case.

It was the year of 2017, 15th April. A 52-year-old woman from Dhanbad came to our clinic. She came with the problem of visibly thick and unwanted facial hairs that had emerged in the right side portion of the cheek. We easily understood from the further conversation that she wanted to get rid of these hairs that were spoiling the beauty and charm of her face. We diagnosed her condition thoroughly and found that she was suffering from postmenopausal syndrome. We decided to proceed with the laser hair reduction treatment that involves the administration of the diode lasers and normally takes a time span of 1 year.

The treatment was conducted in six sessions. In the beginning, the session interval was only 1 month. But from the fourth session onwards, the time interval was extended to 3 months. During the ongoing treatment, we were closely observing her gradual progress from the second, third and fourth session that was clearly evident from the significant texture thinning with lower hair count. Once the entire session of 6 months was completed, we found that her hair texture was extremely reduced and it was almost difficult to spot the presence of fine hairs as well. No doubt that, viewers will also appreciate the way in which our team had worked after studying these two pictures below.

Before the Laser Hair Reduction Treatment

Transformation after the Laser Hair Reduction Treatment

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