Winterize Your Skin through These Awesome Tips

January 13, 2016

Feeling cold? Winter has arrived. Now, your skin will become dry. You can’t stop it just by wearing sweaters and gloves. You need some extra TLC. We have assembled some quick pointers. Just check out.

  • Moisturize immediately after a shower 
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If you apply moisturizer just after taking a bath, the lotion will be able to tap some of the water on your body. It will help your skin to stay hydrated. Prior to moisturizing, don’t rub your skin roughly with your towel. But, during the winter months, you shouldn’t restrict moisturizing your skin to only one time in a day. Instead, you should apply it several times in a day.

  • Take care of your lips
drpaulsonline - winter tips

Apply a natural lip balm to keep your lips moisturized. Do it before you go to the bed. Stop licking your lips as it make your lips dry further. Coconut oil also softens the lips preventing it from getting dried. Moreover, it is the most affordable lip care solution you can switch to.

  • Lend a hand for your hands 
drpaulsonline - winter tips

Don’t neglect your hands. It also needs your love. Milk does a lot to your skin. Take milk and honey in the 4:2 ratio and mix them in a bowel. Apply it on your hands. Let it dry. Then wash it off. Also, use a broad-spectrum sunscreen 30 minutes before going out in the sun. You should cover your hands wearing gloves.

  • Do not spend much time in the tub 
drpaulsonline - winter tips

The more the time you spend in the tub, the more the body’s natural oil gets washed off. Limit your time for bathing to 15 minutes maximum to keep the moisture locked in. You should also use hot water regularly to let your skin smile throughout winter.

  • Forget the peels 
drpaulsonline - winter tips

Stay away from alcohol-based toners, masks, and harsh peels. All of these can take the vital oil from your skin. Then? Get handy a cleansing milk or an alcohol-free toner. Use them before you go to sleep.

  • Make your feet look fab 

drpaulsonline - winter tips

Cleanse your feet using shower gel while soaking them in lukewarm water. Towel dry your feet after 10 minutes. Now, remove the dead skin by rubbing the heels with a soft pumice stone. Start scrubbing your feet with little sugar and olive oil in circular motion. Now, wrap your foot with an overripe banana. Keep it for 10 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Finally, coat your feet with petroleum jelly or olive oil.

  • Wear sunglasses before going outside 

drpaulsonline - winter tips

Ditched your sunglasses in winter? Do you know that even when it is not sunny outside, 90% of the harmful UV rays can reach your eyes? Therefore, make sure that you wear sunglasses before stepping out of the door to block the UV rays.

Follow these tips to surprise those who think that it’s difficult to stay gorgeous in winter. Love winter and let winter love you this year.

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