Under what conditions is Laser Hair Removal Beneficial

May 19, 2015

laser_hair_removal_treatment_feet Laser Treatment!

As far as keeping our skin smooth and hair-free, laser hair removal might not be the first option we look for. Actually for many of us it sounds intimidating and time-consuming than shaving and waxing. But if you are tired of pain involved in pricking legs and razor burn marks, then you might want to look for some permanent hair removal solution. Here, you will be happy to know about the spectacular benefits of Laser Hair Removal.

Laser treatment involves no worries, it is a medical process whereby using laser light body hair is treated to destroy melanin in various areas such as legs, hands, underarms, bikini lines, back, etc. This gradually reduces the hair growth on treated area with several sections of treatment. Older generation laser process was slow and painful, but with technological advancement it is now almost painless and fast but is also beneficial under various conditions.

Conditions under which Laser Hair Removal is Beneficial

  • Laser hair removal works best for fair person with dark hair. People with this combination are capable to absorb more light by the darker pigment in the hair follicles that are reflected by light skin.
  • Latest technology can also benefit tanned skin and dark completion with the use of Laser hair removal, but proper consultation is required before the process. People with semi-dark skin but has darker hair can also have favorable laser result. As long as your hair is darker than skin, it will work best!
  • You can expect faster and better result if your skin is away from sun exposure before and after treatment.
  • Laser hair removal treatment works only on active hair; if your hair follicles are dormant it won’t work. Hormonal changes are responsible for activating dormant follicles and it can be further be treated with few sections.
  • This treatment is mostly beneficial for people that are out of puberty stage, where new hair and new follicles are not produced at heightened rate. Above 18 can opt for laser hair removal under approval of dermatologist.


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