Considering Tattoo Removal? Here are Some Vital Factors to Keep in Mind

June 18, 2016

Do you want to get rid of an old tattoo of yours? Are you looking to wipe out your tattoo that looks extremely bad on your skin? Do you want to replace an old tattoo with the new one due to changing trends? Then, tattoo removal is your solution. There is a doubt about the fact that tattoos are latest trend and craze of young people, but due to changing fashions, some are compelled to remove it because it has become outdated whereas for some people that looked hip once has become boring. Others want to remove tattoo because it looks bad on their skin. The reasons may vary but there are some vital factors that you need to consider to remove it successfully. Here are some of them.

Tattoo Removal

Have realistic expectations

Some tattoos disappear only partly after various treatments, so you must set your expectations prior to the treatment. The expectations should be realistic. Talk to a laser technology expert and seek his/her expert advice. He/she will guide you perfectly to gear up for the treatment. Visit Dr Paul’s Multispeciality Clinic for best advice on tattoo removal treatment.

Consider the different laser technologies used in the tattoo removal procedure

Tattoo removal is a cosmetic procedure that is done by using latest laser technologies to eradicate it permanently. The surgeon uses a manual device that consists of laser rays situated on the topmost skin layer. However, no single laser can get rid of all tattoo colors, and various laser wavelengths treat assorted colors and sometimes the surgeon might require multiple lasers to take off the pigment from your body.

Get more details about the treatment from a qualified technician

The number of sessions required to remove a tattoo effectively depends on different factors such as tattoo size, location, color, density of tattoo ink, and device used, among other factors. However, doing research about the treatment is also important. Look at the before and after photos of the procedure. Always get it done from an expert, reputed and qualified technician because then only the whole process will be executed safely. Since the complexion, skin type and health varies from one person to another it is important to get all your doubts and queries cleared from your surgeon before undergoing tattoo removal. Observe minutely the before and after photos of the treatment from different consumers having the same skin type and tattoos. It will help you to understand what kind of results you can expect from it.

Tattoo type

Tattoo is categorized into two types- amateur and professional. Professional tattoos perforate intensely into the skin evenly and is made from less denser ink which makes it easy to treat and remove. It has greater density/volume of pigment Amateur tattoos on the other hand is difficult to remove and the surgeons has his work cut out when it comes to get rid of it. It is uneven, superficial and is made from more amount of ink.


Since the ink of a tattoo goes into the deeper layers of the skin such as dermis, your complexion is a major factor to consider before undergoing the treatment. Complexion impacts the duration a laser takes to get into the dermis. If you have a dark complexion or skin tone, it will take more amount of time to wipe out your existing tattoo with success. It is because of the fact that higher wavelength laser is needed, which causes less damage, but is less efficacious when it comes to tattoo removal.

Location of the tattoo

To get a tattoo- free look, location plays an important factor. If it is situated in the arms, legs, back, chest, face and neck, then removing it will be easy because these areas has large blood and lymph node count. But if the tattoo is located in the lower regions of the body, it will be difficult for the surgeon to wipe it because such areas have less blood and lymph node count and a limited vascular supply and slower healing.

Addiction to smoking

According to a research conducted, smoking has adverse effects on the whole tattoo removal procedure. The research had revealed that people who are addicted to smoking cigarettes have 70% less chances of making their skin tattoo-free even after 10 sessions as It directly influences the success rate and wound healing of the treatment.

Immunity power of the body

The resistance power of your body is a vital factor that will determine the success of tattoo removal treatment. The Macrophages present in your body removes the tattoo ink perfectly. Macrophages ingests and demolishes the foreign bodies, including ink. Therefore consider your health and resistance power of your body before undergoing the treatment as it will decide how quickly you will heal.

Colours of the tattoo

You might find it surprising that darker colored tattoos are really easier to get rid of than lighter colored ones. Black colored tattoos are easiest to remove whereas lighter colored tattoos are difficult to get rid of by a surgeon. However with advent of latest laser technology nothing is impossible as it can remove any color .

Type of the skin

If your skin is sun damaged or tanned, then you will not get the desired result from the treatment and that is to have a smooth skin free from tattoos. In such skin conditions, the treatment cannot be performed effectively.

One treatment is not adequate

Before the treatment begins, you should know that one treatment is not adequate. A standard 6-to-10 treatments is usually recommended by the technician or surgeon but you may require more than that depending on your tattoo size, location, color, density of tattoo ink, and laser device used to remove it. After proper check-ups and assessment, the surgeon will come into conclusion about the approximate number of sessions needed to take off the tattoo from your body.

To conclude, if you are having a tattoo that looks ugly in your skin and you are contemplating to remove it safely, then it’s crucial to consider each of the factors mentioned above. So get started with the process.

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