Symptoms For Alopecia Areata!

June 10, 2015

Martin Luther once said, Hair is the richest ornament of women, but the saying today hold true for both men and women. Most people around the world face various hair loss issues and the situation like Alopecia Areata is a big cause of concern among them. Alopecia is known as a hair loss disease that can affect men, women, and children of any age. While the onset cannot be guessed, it is often sudden, re-occurring and random.
symptoms of alopecia aerata

Alopecia Areata on the other hand is an auto-immune disorder that attacks the hair follicles in any or whole part of body. In this condition hair loss happens in particular pattern – small and round patches around any hair-bearing body part, mostly on the scalp. This condition is augmenting in many adult often causing mental and emotional stress. Alopecia Areata can attack anybody; however heredity can be the major cause for this condition.

Symptoms for Alopecia Areata

Spot/patchy hair loss – One of the most common symptoms for Alopecia Areata is patchy or spot hair loss. It begins with one or more small sized round patch on scalp or body where hair appeared once. It is mostly on the scalp however, some people might experience it on eyebrows, beards and other hear bearing section.

Nail Symptoms – Some might experience irregularity in nail (finger or toe) development including dent on nail, white spot, rough nails, no shine, and splitting. All these can be the first symptoms of Alopecia Areata.

Extensive hair Loss – In this case, patients generally loses their hair extensively or may even go bald. In a serious condition people also lose entire body hair.

Itching or Tingling – While Alopecia Areata takes place suddenly some patients could feel mild itching or tingling where hair falls out from the root.

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