May 5, 2015

hair_fall_hair_loss_alopecia_treatmentHair Fall Treatment at Dr.Paul’s

As per the appointment Mr. Partho visited Dr.Paul’s for hair fall treatment.

As soon as he entered he was directed by a staff to the specialist’s clinic.

He seemed to be very tensed about his hairfall so the specialist calmed him down and asked him to brief about the type of hair fall, he enquired about his food habit, previous treatment taken, the diet that he follows etc.


Mr.Partho patiently gave all the details, upon furnishing the details the specialist then came up with a proper treatment where he was briefed about the medicines to be taken, the new diet to be followed and the frequency of visit for check up.


By the end of 10 months Mr. Partho could find visible difference. He walked out of the clinic with a big smile.

If you are suffering from hair fall, Don’t delay. Visit Dr.Paul’s.

** The name of the patient has been changed to protect their privacy.



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