Avoid These 7 Things to Stay Slim and Fit

November 4, 2015

Daily workouts and healthy diets even sometimes fail to make you slim. This is the harsh truth which many of us face. Fortunately, you can sort it out. Here are seven things which you should avoid to stay in shape. Go through it.

  • Improper sleep 

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A bad night’s sleep can wash away all your efforts to lose your weight. It can make you feel hungry and compel you to overeat. If you don’t get proper sleep of eight hours, your cortisol hormone level will increase. This, in turn, will increase the hunger sensation. So, keep your bed-time consistent and do not play with your mobile to ensure a sound sleep during the night.

  • Alcohols

drpaulsonline - alcoholYou may have noticed that those who drink frequently are fatter than those who don’t drink. This high-calorie beverage interferes with the metabolic system increasing the body-weight.

  • Diet sodas 

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The artificial sweeteners present in the diet soda make people sick as well as fat. They cause metabolic dysfunctions which promote weight gain and fat storage. Every time you drink diet sodas, you’re consuming the diets of three times together.

  • Stress 

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Stress resulting from work pressure and relationship drama increases the stress hormone cortisol level. As a result, it will enhance your appetite. So, you will start turning to starchy or sugar foods letting the spike up of the blood sugar and serotonin levels. Meanwhile, cortisol boosts the body’s tendency to store fat by encouraging insulin production.

  • Junk foods 

drpaulsonline - junk food

This is the very common bad habit that ultimately leads to obesity. Do not touch the pizza or the pasta for two whole years. It may be difficult. But, when you will see a flatter tummy and leaner arms, you will certainly feel happy that you have taken the right decision at the right time.

  • Insufficient drinking of water 

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Water does not remove the stubborn fat directly, yet it is related to weight loss. If you stay hydrated, you will not eat excessively. Drink a glass of water before having lunch. It will help you to consume less food.

  • Eating carbs after 7 in the evening 

drpaulsonline - food

It may sound strange, but if I can do it, why can’t you? Although carbs do provide you the energy, yet they are silent killers. Try to eat the high-carb foods before 7 in the evening, and that too in a little amount so that you don’t overfed yourself.

  • Skipping a meal 

drpaulsonline - skip meal

Do not skip a meal completely. Instead, you should load up on fruits and veggies and avoid the fatty foods to toe up your body.

In addition to the above-said points, you may also suffer from some health issues as a consequence of which you are becoming fat. Cushing’s disease, hypothyroidism, and polycystic ovary syndrome also adds to the body weight. So, if you face any other problem apart from the increasing weight, you should immediately consult with your physician.

A little discipline and practice can make you fit. So, why won’t you start it from today itself?

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