Stay Gorgeous With the World-Class Venus Viva Treatment

January 8, 2016

Just like every new year, this year also you will want to rock the party and look gorgeous. The countdown has already started, and I’m sure that you’re done with your shopping. But, that’s not enough. Remember, you can be an eye-candy only when you’ve a spotless glowing skin. Don’t lose your spirit if you’re not blessed with it. Venus Viva treatment will do that for you. Got excited to know what it is? Okay, continue reading.

Venus Viva operates with the revolutionary SmartScan technology and NanoFractional Radio Frequency RF to give outstanding results through the dermal heating method.

How Venus Viva rejuvenates your skin?

dr paulsonline - Venus Viva

Venus Viva can do wonders for your skin in the following ways:

  • Reduces visible pores
  • Even out textural irregularities
  • Minimizes aging signs
  • Lessens deep lines and folds
  • Tightens the skin laxity
  • Diminish the necklace lines
  • Treats Rosacea-prone skin

This breakthrough technology is suitable for all skin types, is completely portable and easy-to use.

How does Venus Viva work?

dr paulsonline - Venus Viva

A unique system known as Nano Fractional Radio Frequency RF delivers heat energy effectively to the deeper layer of the skin. It triggers the collagen production and tissue remodeling. As a result, the old skin is replaced by the new one.

What can you expect from Venus Viva?

dr paulsonline - Venus Viva

If you are worried about your facial skin imperfections like large pores, acne scars, wrinkles, and facial redness, then Venus Viva is your cup of tea. Off the face, it can heal the stretch marks too. Moreover, it can give you an inflexible décolleté.

Till now, I’ve shared with you what actually Venus Viva is and how it may help you. But, what’s the use if it doesn’t work for you? Check out the next para to know about the eligibility.

Who is eligible for the treatment?

dr paulsonline - Venus Viva

Anyone, irrespective of the gender, can avail the facilities of Venus Viva. Whether you’re eligible to undergo the process will be determined by your physician. He will check your medical background and your aesthetic goals to tell whether the process will work for you.

What’s the after-care instruction of Venus Viva?

dr paulsonline - Venus Viva During the first two days of the post-op period, you have to look after the treated area to prevent trauma. Try to avoid massages, hot baths and the like. Keep the area clean to steer clear of infection. Any kind of mechanical or thermal damage to the area can prove to be dangerous. You may apply moisturizer throughout the healing process. And one more thing- Use a sunscreen with SPF50 for minimum 1 month after the treatment. As tanning of the treated area may cause hyper-pigmentation, so try to o going out in the sun bare skin as much as you can.

Venus Viva is an all-in-one skin solution that is affordable and gives long-lasting result. So, before the bell strikes twelve on 31st December, take the first step towards a timeless beauty with Venus Viva treatment.

It’s the peak time to fend off the effects of time.

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