Skin guide to women in their 30s

April 29, 2015

While 30 is a satisfying age for most women who by now have perfect balanced life, this is also an alarming age for skin, hair and body. You will often see unanticipated changes in your skin, hair and body due to various reasons such as stress and hormones. Little appearance of fine lines, age spots, adult acne, wrinkles and uneven skin tone are some of the common signs of aging you might notice in your 30s. However, there is nothing to much worry about, but of course this is the time when you need to get serious about taking better care of your skin. Everyone will have some changes or other, but with correct beauty product suggest by dermatologist and maintaining balanced healthy diet, the problems of aging will be much lesser. To get back and maintain that gorgeous look, do follow these 10 beauty tips:

Skin guide to women in their 30s: 10 Tips

  • Cleansing your skin every morning is very important, also advisable is to remove make up before bed and cleanse again.
  • Exfoliate your skin with gentle scrub during night as skin cells renews better during night. Exfoliating twice a week is sufficient for dry and oily skin. Combination skin can go for once a week.
  • Moisturizing that you used in 20s may not now help, go look for moisturizer that is rich in antioxidant and Vitamin C.
  • In case you have acne, make sure you consult your dermatologist before using any products. As hash acne products are generally a terror for anti-aging process.
  • Regardless for which climate you are in, make sure to use broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection with no less than SPF 40.
  • This is the best time to start using retinol based cream. Prescribed retinol based cream or serum can visibly reduce the signs of aging. Ensure you apply them in neck and chin area as well.
  • Invest in a good under eye gel/cream/serum can prevent winkles and dark circles. Look for product that reduces wrinkles, fatigue, dryness and lines under eyes.
  • Treat your skin with any nourishing face mask or facial whenever you notice dullness on your face. You can also try skin brightener for instant and long lasting radiance.
  • To stay hydrated from within you will need to drink lot water and fruit juices. Don’t miss out on balanced healthy diet that is rich in protein, Vitamins and antioxidants.
  • Sleep well and remain stress free to have that wonderful and glowing skin all through life.

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