Effective Skin and Hair Care Tips for the Monsoon Days

July 1, 2016

The scorching heat of summer days can only come to an end with the amazing showers of blessings, brought to us by the monsoon days. This beautiful time of the year is marked by the amazing beauty of nature, when the nature is adorned with various flowers and a mesmerizing smell of the wet earth. But wait, along with these eye soothing beauties of nature, this season also has the capacity of giving you a lot of trouble with your skin and hair, due to the existing humidity and the damp in the air.

Monsoon skin and hair care

If, you have a dry skin then definitely this season can give you some serious troubles. Due to the lack of moisturizer, the people with dry skin can feel a bit of itchiness. Your hair also becomes the tragic sufferer of the days of monsoon, as your hair tends to remain moist for a longer period of time and this might lead towards having a itchy scalp or untimely hair loss.

In order to tackle this situation and a give a strong fight to the damp days of monsoon, here are some effective skin care tips, for getting a grab over the situation.

Skin Care Tips:

There is a need for you to take a very good care of your skin in this season of monsoon, as the dust particles easily settle on your skin which eventually damages the regular soft and toned look your skin possess. So, here are some valuable tips for maintaining the glow of your skin, even in this season.

  • Opting a soap free cleanser and a good scrub is essential for locking the moisture of your skin.
  • Most of the people stop using sunscreen, when the weather becomes a bit cooler, but you must continue it, even the weather is not that hot.
  • Avoid bleaching and facials, as this could cause more harm to your skin. Going for facials might also make your skin look rough.
  • For the people with oily skin, using a pure oatmeal scrub for cleansing is the best available option.
  • Try to keep your skin clean and fresh for avoiding any kind of fungal infection, which can occur quickly in this season.
  • Avoiding makeup should be your main priority of this season, but if there is a necessity, then you can go for the waterproof makeups.
  • Mix a cup of fuller’s earth with rose water in order to form a paste. Add 1 tablespoon of powdered camphor with the mixture and apply it on your face for reducing the oiliness.

Hair Care Tips:

Along with skin, it is equally important for us to take care of our beautiful locks too. Due to the dryness and sweat, our hair tends to become frizzy and it can even cause split ends. Wavy & curly hairs generally absorb the moisture which can make the hairs flat and thin. With the help of some easy hair care tips, it would be possible for you to have a control over the whole situation.

  • Try to protect your hair from the rain water, as your hair might become frizzy.
  • Coloring your hair should not be there in your agenda in this season.
  • Always apply the shampoos gently on the scalp for avoiding the breakage and don’t forget to use a conditioner.
  • Never tie wet hair, as damp head is the breeding ground of various fungal infections.
  • Apply oil on your scalp before taking a bath and eat plenty of vitamin E rich foods, like- nuts, spinach etc.
  • Avoid the excessive use of hair care products, containing chemicals, as this can make your hair look dull.
  • Add 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar into a warm mug of water, and rinse your hair well with this mixture, for improving the texture of your hair.

The first drops of monsoon does has the capacity of bringing the relief, which we all have been seeking in the hot days of the summer. But the humidity in the air is not at all good for our skin and health. Thus, taking care of our beautiful bunch of hair and glamorous skin can be made easier, with the help of some easy tips, mentioned in the above lines. Hope you all have a great time in this beautiful season and make some sweet memories with your near and dear ones.

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