Revealing the Top 9 Secrets of Staying Slim Without Dieting

January 17, 2016

Oh! you may think that I’m kidding with you. Actually, no. I have come to know some special secrets of how some people stay slim without jumping to fad diets. If you want to know the secret, then start reading.

  • Deal with your meal slowly 

drpaulsonline - Secrets of Staying Slim

Go for slow eating. Savour every bite. When you eat slowly, your body gets enough time to tell your mind that you’re full. It prevents you from overeating. On the contrary, when you eat quickly, the body’s fullness hormones couldn’t realize that your stomach is full. As such, you go on eating and hence become obese.

  • Eat right, eat little 

drpaulsonline - Secrets of Staying Slim

I know that it’s very hard to resist when tasty foods are served in front of you. You don’t have to make a melancholic face while saying a big ‘NO’ to it. Taste it too, but in small quantity. Remember, no single food can add to your body weight, it is the portion what matters.

  • Slip into sound sleep 

drpaulsonline - Secrets of Staying Slim

You may be surprised to hear that sleeping 1 hour more will help you to lose 14 pounds in a year. Sleeping replaces the habit of uncontrolled eating. Consequently, you can effortlessly reduce your fat by 6%. It has been proved that less than 7 hours of sleep increases your appetite, making you exceptionally hungry.

  • Forget the strains with whole grains

drpaulsonline - Secrets of Staying Slim

Whole grains like barley, whole wheat, and brown rice all help you to lose your weight dramatically. They contain less calories and also improve your cholesterol. Now, you can get whole grains in many delicious products like pizza crust, pasta, soft- white whole wheat bread, and English muffins.

  • Want a pizza? Have it

drpaulsonline - Secrets of Staying Slim

Don’t blame your pizza for adding to your weight. Instead of meat, pick vegetable topping for pizza. This small preference can let you cut back 100 calories from your meal. You may also get a reduced-fat cheese asn pizza topping to stay in shape.

  • Drink lots of water

drpaulsonline - Secrets of Staying Slim

Sometimes, we think we’re hungry when we actually feel thirsty. Try to drink eight glasses of water everyday. Moreover, drinking a glass of water just before the meal will keep you away from overeating.

  • Relax and practice yoga

drpaulsonline - Secrets of Staying Slim

‘Yoga’- this small four letter words can do magics for you. According to the Journal of American Dietic Association, women who practice yoga have less weight than others. The yoga practitioners reported a more watchful eating approach.

  • Shrink the plate’s size

drpaulsonline - Secrets of Staying Slim

When the size of your plate is less, you’ll eat less. So, curb your 12-inch plate size to 10-inch. As per a series of tests conducted by Cornell’s Brian Winsik, people who eat in large dishes eat more.

  • Jump start to 80/20 rule 

drpaulsonline - Secrets of Staying Slim

Now, what’s that? The 80/20 rule says that you’re filling up yourself to 80% and dish out 20% less food. Don’t go on eating unless you’re stuffed completely. It’s a natural slimming rule and also will keep indigestion at bay.

These little-bit changes can do big miracles for you. By following these tips, you can enjoy all the yummy foods while losing your weight simultaneously.

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