Rising Trend Of Hair Removal in Men through Laser Treatment – Do You Trim Often?

June 12, 2014

Gone are those days where hair removal was considered a feminine activity. We now live in a dynamic world with changing trends. One such change that has entered the present world is that hair removal is now being done by men also.

Smooth skin devoid of hair is now what everybody craves for, irrespective of their gender.

Film industries are a true manifestation of all the trending events in all possible fields, especially fashion. Heroes have redefined good looks by showing off their smooth skin. This has influenced men all over the world towards sporting this new trend among men.

It is now believed that hairless skin on bodies is the most attractive. This is not anyway a baseless observation. Surveys conducted by aesthetic companies and sexologists across the world have shown that many women prefer men with clean-shaven bodies than those with rugs on their bodies!

Dr. Arindam Banerji, a leading and eminent aesthetician says that many men who approach him in his clinic for hair reduction in Dr. Pauls Kolkata are either inspired or forced by their wives to undergo the hair reduction treatment.

  1. Hair removal treatments in men are broadly categorised as follows:
  2. Shaping of eyebrows, mustache and beard by hair reduction.
  3. Hair reduction from chest.
  4. Hair reduction from underarms.
  5. Hair reduction from back.
  6. Hair reduction from stomach.
  7. Hair reduction from shoulders.
  8. Hair reduction from groin.

The word ‘hair reduction in men’ paints a funny, yet peculiar picture. One might immediately think of men laying on beds and getting their legs and bodies waxed. In contrast, the treatment that most men resort to for hair removal is LASER. This is painless and long-lasting.

Now to enlighten your knowledge on lasers, I’ve answered a few common questions that might cross your mind on reading this article.

1. What is LASER?

LASER is a form of light which is focused and can deliver energy to a particular target with minimal damage to adjoining tissues.

2. How does LASER work?

Using light as source it delivers energy directly to hair shaft hence destroying the hair cells and miniaturising the hair follicle, without damaging the neighbouring skin.

3. Does Laser Hair Removal permanently destroy hair follicle?

No LASER Hair Removal in India causes miniaturisation of hair follicle. Therefore, hair appears thinner. It doesn’t render the appearance of a clean shaven look. Fortunately, this is what most men prefer.

4. How much time LASER treatment takes?

Roughly 30 minutes per session. About 6 to 8 sessions are required completely.

5. How lasting are results?

All laser treatments are almost permanent with constant touch up sessions.

Do remember, if you’re annoyed with your body hair, or your unshapely eye brows and moustache, there’s a time tested, safe, painless and permanent solution to this: LASER !

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