Look great with painless non-surgical Face Sculpting

May 11, 2016

The popularity of Face Sculpting began when both Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities started opting for it. But what was earlier believed to be for only the crème de la crème, has now started trending among well-educated people who are aware of what’s in vogue.

Thanks to non-surgical methods, today it’s an affordable luxury for those who want to look good and feel more confident.

non-surgical Face Sculpting

There are many non-surgical methods one can opt for.

For those who desire a more chiselled look, Botox Protein is used to slim the jaw line area, while Derma Filler of hyaluronic acid gives the face a more angular look. For the most optimum result, Thread and HIFU Technique may be combined if necessary.

Botox Protein, usually takes a while to contour the jaw line and so visible results take about two to four weeks. However, this type of non-surgical, painless Face Sculpting requires no downtime and one can go back to his or her normal routine after the session.

Sometimes some areas of the face like the nose, looks rounder than one desires. In these cases, Lipolysis process combined with HIFU is the preferred method to reduce the roundedness. This is non-surgical method takes about six to twelve weeks for the results to show.

Previously the desire for luscious lips could be treated only by surgery. However, with today’s technology, it’s possible to get the lips one desires with painless, non-surgical methods, that require no downtime. The lips are better defined and the volume is evenly corrected with the help of Derma Fillers.

For people conscious of their drooping cheeks, Fillers and non-surgical Threads help to give the apple of the cheeks a visible uplift.

The biggest advantages of these non-surgical methods are that they’re more pocket friendly than surgeries. And since they are painless and require minimal time, one can resume their daily activity post the session.

Clients are instructed about the post-session care and also educated about their next touch-up sessions, for the most long-lasting results.

At Dr. Paul’s we believe that when you look good, you feel great.

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