Look into the myths and realities of Breast Lift Surgery before opting for it

October 15, 2016

Sagging breasts may create hindrance in your way of looking attractive and appealing. Uplifted breasts can be considered as the aspect of beauty in its true sense. Quite naturally, no one would be satisfied with droopy breasts and if you are not an exception to it, stop being bothered. Incredible way out is there to remove your tension in this regard. Have a look at the residue parts of this blog to know more about the helpful factor.

Actually, nothing can be more beneficial than that of the breast lift surgery. This is a marvellous aesthetic procedure, undergoing which you may get the desired shape of your breasts. In this way, your self esteem as well as confidence gets boosted. But, there are some common rumours for which many women can’t gather courage for choosing this process. In actuality, all these are myths and you should learn about them along with the originality before opting for this surgical mean. But, beforehand, understand the definition and the major reasons to choose the surgical remedy.


Causes for sagging breast:

Multiple reasons can be highlighted for the occurrence of droopy breasts. You should be informed about them so that you can be capable of fetching every advantage out of the lift operation. Key factors affecting the shape of breasts are:

  • Age
  • Heredity
  • Body weight
  • Pregnancy
  • Smoking
  • Menopause
  • Sun exposure

These are the major aspects which you need to take care of to avoid sagging breasts. But, when this is a matter of age or some similar kind of fact, it’s better to opt for the discussed surgery. This can be considered as the best option to get rid of the hazard.

What is lift surgery or Mastopexy?

Mastopexy is a medical procedure in which the breasts are reshaped by getting rid of the excess tissue. The surrounding tissues are tightened for giving the required contour. Skilled medical professionals or surgeons are involved to raise the breasts. Well, the surgery is also needful for mammoplasty reduction. Three different incisions are utilized to do Mastopexy.

Now check out the common myths and facts to rediscover more about the surgical procedure. These will lead you towards having a successful operation.

Myths and facts:

Rumours should not be prevailed and you must be informed about the realities behind those. Otherwise, you won’t be able in having benefits after undergoing the surgery. Apart from the surgery or operation, you should obtain some knowledge regarding your regular habit. That would be more helpful. Take a glance now:

  • Myth :
    High impact exercises may be responsible for droopy breasts
    Fact :
    Exercises like running, skipping, jogging is utterly advantageous but these are not at all linked to the hampering of shape and size of breasts. Rather, these can play crucial role in delivering youthful look.
  • Myth :
    Chest exercises may be needful to get rid of droopy breasts
    Fact :
    Another myth that must be overlooked. Chest exercises may be ideal for building pectoral muscles, but these can’t affect the skin of your breasts and hence, droopy or sagging breasts can’t be treated with such physical activities.
  • Myth :
    Breast lift surgeries are only for a certain size
    Fact :
    In accordance with some women, Breast Lift Surgery is only perfect for those who possess either very large or small breasts. But in reality, size doesn’t determine the candidacy. The health and habit of the patient are considered for getting satisfactory outcome.
  • Myth :
    The surgery may create visible scars
    Fact :
    This surgery is done to enhance the appearance of your breasts and quite naturally, there would be no risk of experiencing scars or uncanny spots after undergoing the treatment. In fact, it would provide you natural looking shape and size of your breasts.
  • Myth :
    It may increase the risk of cancer
    Fact :
    No, the operation will not lead you towards the fatal disease. But, to evade all sorts of risks or post operation troubles, you should do a research. Never forget to opt for a skilled and experienced surgeon. On the other hand, routine check-up is of great significance.
  • Myth :
    Some creams, vitamin and hormonal supplements may work as a substitute of the surgery
    Fact :
    It is better not to select any supplementary product or cream for having similar consequence. The surgery can do things in the best possible way.
  • Myth :
    Breast feeding won’t be possible after going through the procedure
    Fact :
    No, you do not have to bother regarding this issue. Breast feeding is not only possible but also safe even after undergoing the surgery though there may occur some limitations.
  • Myth :
    Breast augmentation can also lift breasts
    Fact :
    There is a difference between these two. Augmentation can enhance the size of your breasts but breast lifting can help you to get perfect position. After all, contour and a position both are mandatory.

Final words:

So, are these okay? Hopefully these are capable of convincing you. Now, if there is a need, do not give it a second thought. Start a research regarding your doctor or clinic and get ready to take the superior quality assistance. Gather knowledge about the pre and post operation necessities before taking any decision.

Perfect positioned breast will allow you to look bold and alluring. Your self-confidence will be enhanced with your appeal. Now, stop being worried or tensed and choose the best way to get rid of the sagging breasts.

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