Surprising Myths and Facts about Acne

July 20, 2016

Acne breakouts are one of those serious issues, which has the capacity of providing you with a nightmarish feeling, whether you are a teenager or you are in your middle ages. There are dozens of products available in the market to choose from and there are also a number of home remedies available for treating acne successfully.

Acne and scar reduction

Acne Vulguris, or simply known as Acne, is a long term skin disease, which occurs when the hair follicles become clogged with the dead skin cells or by the excessive oil from the skin. The outbreak of acne is characterized by areas of blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, etc, which may lead towards scarring. But, there are several myths and facts, which has already created some misconceptions regarding the treatment of acne and scar reduction.

So, here are a few acne myths, along with their real facts for helping the people to choose a desired path for treating their skin related issues.

  • Myth: Frequently washing of the face is helpful for getting rid of the acne.
  • Fact: While some people believe that, washing their face for a number of times in a day can provide them with a pimple free skin is not at all a right concept. On the other hand washing your face frequently can make the acne breakout much worse. Instead of this wash your face, once or twice in a day with lukewarm water and a mild cleanser.
  • Myth: Junk foods or greasy foods are the main reason behind an acne breakout.
  • Fact: While it is true that, consuming too much oily or greasy foods may lead towards an acne breakout, but, all oily foods are not at all bad and work against having a fresh and younger looking skin. Some people also have a belief that, eating excessive amounts of chocolates may trigger the causes of acne, but still no research has revealed any truth about the fact.
  • Myth: The outbreak of acne goes away on its own.
  • Fact: There is no need for you to suffer from the outbreak of acne, without opting for an effective way to get rid of this problem. There are a lot of treatments available for putting an end to the acne breakouts and it can also help in preventing the future breakouts. So, don’t let those pimples to spoil your looks and opt for some effective treatments.
  • Myth: Only teenagers are the worst sufferers of acne.
  • Fact: This is not at all true, as, a research has proved that, approximately 25% of the adult men and at least 50% of the adult women are also becoming the worst sufferers of acne. The causes of having acne among the adults may range from fluctuating hormones to the excessive amount of stress or even some medication has the capacity of triggering the outbreak of acne.  Adult acne, just like any other, can be managed with a proper skincare routine, including daily sun protection, and help from a dermatologist.
  • Myth: One of the most important factors which triggers the acne, is dirt.
  • Fact: Acne can be caused due to a number of facts, but dirt is not one of those facts, which has the capacity of triggering acne. The main reason behind the formation of pimples is that, when the dead skin cells mix with the natural oil of your body, it can clog the pores of your skin. As, dirt plays no part in this process, it is completely useless for you to wash your face frequently.
  • Myth: Squeezing the pimple can help you to have a control over the situation.
  • Fact: This is not at all true. There is a risk, which you are taking, at the time of squeezing a pimple, as, the zits can be pushed in the deeper layer of the skin, which has the capacity of making the situation much worse for you. Thus, there is a need for you to consult a dermatologist, regarding the treatment of Acne and Scar Reduction.

Our face is the mirror of our inner-self, so, it is very essential for us to keep our skin pimple free, only then it would be possible for you to reflect your inner beauty. Many treatment options are available to improve the appearance of acne, including lifestyle changes, procedures, and medications.

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