Make Your Hair Thick and Beautiful with Hair Revival Therapy

May 29, 2016

Does your hair remain thin even after undergoing hair transplantation? Are you not satisfied with the density of your hair? Then, its time for you to calm down and go for hair revival therapy. The treatment will make your hair dense and beautiful so that you get plenty of praises for it.

Very often it is seen that hair loss patients despite undergoing hair transplant surgery is not happy with the results. So much so, they feel negative about the whole procedure. Therefore, with the innovative and scientific Hair Revival Therapy one can maximize the density of his/her hair. It is a post hair transplant treatment from which patients can reap huge benefits.Hair Revival Therapy

How does Hair Revival Therapy Works?

Hair Revival Therapy when given to a patient after 15 days of hair transplant surgery improves the hair density by enhancing the functionality of the stem cells present in the hair follicles. It makes the stem cells active which makes the dormant hair follicles to go into growing phase. It also revitalizes the non-transplanted dead hair follicles too to enter into the growing stage to stimulate hair growth. Patients undergoing the treatment will gain 1700 or more hair with it. It will be executed with the aid of a unique patented molecule known as Stemoxydine. The results of the treatment will start showing in 90 days after the treatment.

Benefits of Hair Revival Therapy

Patients undertaking hair revival therapy can get lot of benefits when it comes to natural hair growth and density. Some of them are:

  • Promotes hair growth from those hair follicles that have remained dormant for a long-time.
  • Patients are expected to gain 1700 hair in just 90 days which is much better than the FUE (Follicular Hair Extraction) hair transplantation.
  • Density of hair will increase twice more than before which will bring smiles on the face of the patients.
  • Revitalizes on-transplanted dead hair follicles
  • Safe and completely free from side-effects

Hair Revival Therapy: How it is better than FUE?

As you know FUE hair transplant is the most advanced and effective procedure of hair transplantation that brings a head full of natural and dense looking hair. It is ideal for camouflaging smaller balding regions. But sometimes it does not bring out the same results which patients expect from it. Their hair does not show signs of growing and is often thin in nature. For such patients, the ideal remedy is hair revival therapy that makes hair dense and thick. It starts showing the results within 3 months of the surgery with more than 1700 hair ensuring to grow.

The scientific innovations taking place in the aesthetic industry is doing wonders for the hair and the skin. One such wonder is hair revival therapy that stimulates hair growth and increases the hair density twice more than before. So opt for it after 15 days of hair transplant surgery and see the amazing results provided by it. To get it done, visit Dr Paul’s Multispeciality Clinic, the exclusive provider of this scientific hair growth treatment.

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